Monday, December 29, 2008

Too Cute Not To Record

As I pulled up to church this morning I was reminded of one of the cute things Antalya did last Sunday at church. I meant to post it then, but just didn't have the time. 
Jason is part of the bishopric in our ward or congregation which means on Sundays he sits up on the stand facing the congregation where Antalya and I sit. After the singing of hymns, prayer, partaking of the sacrament, and hearing different members of the ward speak on doctrine and the scriptures, we usually have a musical number. This could mean someone plays a piano solo, or someone sings a hymn, or the choir sings. Last Sunday it happened to be an amazingly beautiful piano/organ duet.

I have mentioned before Antalya's love of music. Sometimes I think that is an understatement. When she hears something she likes - it truly moves her. This particular piece of music was just such a song (I was so caught up watching Antalya that I don't even remember what song it was that was played). 

As soon as the music started and Antalya started to feel it she stood up on the pew and started frantically signing "daddy" while saying "da-da-da-da". We were sitting towards the back so Jason couldn't hear her, but she continued until his eyes met hers. As soon as she was sure he was watching she started her dancing moves. This involves playing a pretend piano way above her head - her little fingers flying through the sky as they pound on the imaginary keyboard, another favorite move of hers is to franticly move one arm as if she is conducting a symphony; and she does all this while sticking her cute little bum out and moving it around. It was all I could do to contain my laughter. 

It is customary in our church that after such a musical number there is no applause. The music is not considered a performance - but rather a part of the worship service and so keeping with the spirit of the meeting there is no applause. Of course a two year old doesn't understand that, so once the song ended Antalya began very enthusiastically applauding while exclaiming "Yay!"

It was rather cute. Luckily everyone on our pew and the row behind successfully kept our laughter to ourselves. 

I love my little angel. I can't imagine our family without her sweet spirit. I feel so blessed for each day I am given to spend with her. 

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Pics

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Here some pictures of the fun.
Antalya played an angel in our family Nativity. She looked like the most beautiful angel on earth.
Gramma and Grampa gave her this cute little piano. Boy, does she love it! For those of you don't know her - she is quite the music lover. She insists on music being played all day long in our house and whenever we are in the car. She loves to dance to her favorite songs, and refuses to listen to anything that doesn't have a good dancing beat.

Thanks Gramma and Grampa! She loves her piano and pounds away like crazy on those little keys.
One of the highlights of my Christmas this year was seeing my 94 year old grandpa. Growing up he was always at our house for Christmas Eve dinner. It didn't feel like Christmas until him and my grandma walked in the door. It has been several years since he has been with us on Christmas Eve. Thanks Mom and Dad for making the effort to have him with us.
Christmas morning opening presents.
Antalya was very pleased with what she found when she tore the wrapping paper off. It was her favorite toy - the Fisher Price Learning Piggy Bank. Her speech therapist loaned us this toy a year ago. It was so difficult to part with that we ended up keeping it for a full six months. But finally the time came to return it, and we have been missing it ever since. I must add that I am not a Fisher Price fan - but with this one toy they sure did something right.  I wouldn't change a thing about it - and it is so great for developing fine motor skills.

A few years ago Jason and I started a tradition of going hiking or snowshoeing on Christmas morning. So this year after breakfast and gifts we headed up the canyon to enjoy the falling snow. Antalya loves being outside - even it means cold weather.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Official!

I've been feeling pretty run-down and nauseated, so yesterday I went to the doctor and they heard a little galloping heartbeat in my belly. Antalya is going to be a big sister the first week of July! We are so excited!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Santa Dilemma

A couple years ago Jason and I decided that once we had kids we wanted to skip the whole "Santa" thing. But now that we have Antalya and she is getting older I have spent many hours pondering the "how to implement" part of our decision. I know it will be no easy task. From my adult mind it makes perfect sense, but that is because I can understand abstract thoughts - such as Santa isn't real, but what he stands for is; and understanding that Santa is really a symbol of Christ used to help us feel the magic of the season.

How do you explain all that to a child? And how do you explain when you see Santa everywhere. Do we take our children to see Santa? Do we avoid him? What about when people ask our children what they asked Santa for? How can we teach them to answer that questions without feeling like they are missing out on something.

The only real conclusion I have come to is that we need to create in our family a sense that there are many "Santas" - an understanding that "Santa" is someone who goes around doing good for other people. Teach our children that we are "Santa" for someone else and that "Santa" doesn't come to our house because we have what we need, and therefore we have been asked to be "Santa" for another family.

Anyone have any thoughts on the subject? Is there anyone else out there that has attempted to change the image of "Santa" in their family?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yes! We Are Alive!

Here's a quick update:

Antalya - has never been happier! It took a full 10 days, but then she suddenly turned a corner and doing great. Did I mention she is sleeping through the night and taking 2-3 hour naps? Yes, I am in momma's heaven!

Sunny - as soon as Antalya starting getting better, I got sick. I'm doing better now and for the first time in several months I feel like I am caught up on my sleep and waking up feeling rested.

Jason - has been busy, busy, busy with work. And since he works from home, I try to help out whenever I can - which translates into both us of being busy, busy, busy!

We're off quarantine - Yeah! We're back to a full schedule of EI toddler class on Tuesday, singing time at the library on Wednesday and Thursday, and we just started a Kindermusic class on Fridays. Plus we have had lots of family get togethers - and of course lots of trips to Costco at lunch time (that's when they have the most samples - Antalya loves it!)

Kitchen remodel - is almost done! I realize we started this about six months ago, we've just been taking our time. I am hopeful that by Christmas I will have a kitchen full of cabinets. I am super excited to have a place to put our dishes and food!

Thanksgiving - we got to spend the whole weekend with all Jason's family - yep, all 11 of the siblings were in town. It has been a couple years since we have seen them all. We had a lot of fun! We even went ice skating. Skating on the ice made me feel more young and free than I have in a long time. I think it is an activity I need to take up on a regular basis.

Good news - sorry, you are going to have to wait a couple weeks to hear the good news, but trust me - it's good!

I'll leave you with a picture of Jason with his parents and all his siblings. I think I got the best looking one of the bunch :)