Thursday, October 30, 2008


Antalya's surgery is two and a half weeks away. This is the third surgery date we have had since August, but with our luck, they keep getting canceled because Antalya gets sick right before surgery. This time I am taking matters into my own hands and have decided we are not going anywhere these next few weeks unless I can take Antalya in her stroller and keep her in her stroller the whole time.

Today is our first official day, and let me tell you, it's going to be a long few weeks. It is only 10am and we have already done everything fun we could think off. This includes (in no particular order):

Signing Time
Playing with ALL of our toys
Finding a bag of brown sugar within Antalya's reach and getting it open - she loved this one! (I sat down to the computer for a minute to check my email and had no idea)
Unloading the storage drawers in our closet and discovered some cool beads
Playing with the beads for 20 minutes
Unloading the dresser
Using the empty dresser drawers to climb up and clear off the top of the dresser
Take a shower
Unloading most of the drawers in the kitchen
Playing on the computer
Unloading most of the drawers in the bathroom
Flushing the toilet several times (this is always a hit)
Trying to eat crayons, deciding they didn't taste good, but that they are lots of fun to bite into little pieces
Played with the sand table

Have I mentioned my little 2 year old NEVER stops moving? Not even for a second (except when she finally collapses to sleep, but even then she tosses and turns all night)! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I love it! When we found out our daughter had Ds we felt many of the expected fears, uncertainties, and even disappointments that other parents in the same situation experience. One of my smaller concerns was having a child with low muscle tone, and what that would mean. Jason and I are both very active and enjoy getting outside and doing things. I was afraid our daughter would never enjoy hiking, rock climbing, riding a bike, playing sports, etc.

Needless to say, I'm not concerned with that anymore. I have no doubt our little Antalya will do amazing things in her life, and that in most aspects she will be just like her peers - she will run, she will ride a bike, she will have fun playing, she will succeed in sports if she desires.

When I start to get overwhelmed with my busy little two year old, I remember to take a moment to pause and give thanks for the blessing it is - a blessing many of us too often take for granted.

Wish me luck these next few weeks as I try to find ways of entertaining that don't involve playgroups, playgrounds, church, trips to Costco, and get togethers with family.

And don't forget to enter to win a Bilibo. You have until Friday night to enter.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Down Syndrome Creed

My face may be different,
But my feelings the same,
I laugh, I cry,
I take pride in my gains.
I was sent here among you
To teach you to love.
As God in the heavens
Looks down from above.
To Him I’m no different,
His love knows no bounds.
It’s those here among you
In cities and towns,
That judge me by standards
That man has imparted.
But the family He’s chosen
Will help me get started.
For I’m one of His children,
So special and few,
That came here to learn
The same lessons as you.
That love is acceptance,
It must come from the heart.
We all have the same purpose,
Though not the same start.
The Lord gave me life
To live and embrace.
And I’ll do it as you do,
Just at my own pace.
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Has the suspense been killing you? I bet you have been wondering all day what I was going to give away. This is my first give away, so I want it to be good - something kids of lots of ages could enjoy, and something unique. So what did I decide on?


So what is a bilibo, you ask. It is a fun new toy meant to arouse curiosity, stimulate the senses, engage the imagination, and encourage creativity. And it could be yours! Click here to see what it is.

This prize is sponsored by - a new company committed to helping little ones with special needs. All of their toys and products are approved by a group of professional therapists in early education.

So here's the details. Anyone can enter, just leave a comment below, be sure to include your email address or blog address so I can let you know when you win. Giveaway ends this Friday, October 31st. I will announce the winner on Saturday.

Good luck!

P.S. Only people within the US can enter.
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Monday, October 27, 2008

My Little Ladybug

Yesterday was the annual family Halloween party with my family. Jason couldn't make it, but Antalya and I had a great time. Some of the activities included: pizza, pictures (of course), eating donuts from a string, pinata, carving pumpkins, and halloween bingo. Here's some pictures of my cute little ladybug.

And here's a shot of the whole group. I promise I'll dress up next year so I can be in the picture, too.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a chance to win a really cool prize. I have decided to host my first ever blogging giveaway. Details tomorrow.
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tagged Again

My friend Sarah just tagged with this fun tag.

Did you know???

What was I doing 10 years ago:
1. I was in my first year of college at Weber State.
2. I had just moved in my brother and his wife because they were closer to school than were I had been living.
3. I was waiting tables at Village Inn and Wingers Diner.
4. I was dating who I thought I would marry (we broke up several years later).
5. I was dreaming of my future life as a museum curator and the books I would publish on art criticism.

5 things on my to do list today (or in my case, since the day is over, here are five things that were on my list):
1. Buy some black shoes for Antalya to finish off her ladybug costume.
2. Pick up my order at the community food co-op.
3. Do a blog post.
4. Buy more wheat.
5. Make it to my mom's house for a Halloween party by 4:00.

5 Favorite Snacks
1. Cheese
2. Chips and Salsa
3. Nuts
4. Gummy Bears
5. Popcorn

5 Jobs I've Had
1. Server
2. Piano teacher
3. Office manager
4. Pizza maker
5. Receptionist

5 Things I'd do with a million dollars
1. Buy a house
2. Pay off my parents house so they could finally go on a mission.
3. Buy another computer so I didn't always have to fight Jason for it.
4. Set up a health savings account for Antalya so I could take her off Medicaid.
5. Plan a big trip. I'm not sure where we would go though - probably either Israel, India, or Patagonia (Southern Chile and Argentina).

5 things that made me laugh this week
1. Watching Jason's tactics at a sale presentation we went to so that he could get $75 in gift certificates. He had the sales person convinced we were a very wealthy, young couple, that could afford the wonderful time-share they wanted us to buy, but that Jason was so caught up in his career that he didn't see the need to spend time and money to create quality time and memories for his family.
2. Watching myself get completely sucked into the sales presentation and feeling like we really did need to spend $12,000 plus $600 dollars a year so that we could have a condo to stay in two weeks out of the year. I have since come to my senses and realized how silly it was.
3. Antalya. She makes me laugh a hundred times a day.
4. The Office
5. Seeing my family members costumes tonight. I especially like Tarzan my brother.

5 people to tag:(but not limited to those listed)
1. Laura
2. Tara
3. Micah
4. Michelle
5. Janie

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Those Moments

I don't know how it happened, but for the last several weeks I have starting rocking Antalya to sleep for her nap and at bedtime. This is something I haven't done since she was really little. I always felt that it was better for her to learn to put herself to sleep, and I didn't want her relying on my help to get her settled down, in case some nights I wasn't there, or just didn't have the time. Once we got her adjusted to going to sleep by herself, she did so well at it. When it was time to sleep we would tell her it was time, put her in her bed, sing her one song, and leave - rarely did she ever complain.

So, why change the routine all of a sudden? And to be honest I'm not even sure when I started rocking her to sleep. Maybe it was one day that I felt like I just didn't get enough of her and wasn't ready to put her to bed. Whatever the case - it's become routine now - for better or worse (I'm not quite sure). But I've decided I absolutely LOVE these new moments I share with her. She cuddles in my lap, I scratch her back and arms, and attempt to sing songs to her. The singing song parts has become quite humorous. Antalya is very particular about her songs, and lets me know when I have picked the wrong song to sing by interrupting with a definite 'NO'. Lately it seems I spend 10 minutes or so just trying to find the right song for her mood. I eventually find several of the right songs, and she begins to close her eyes. Then a new battle begins. I know I should put her in her bed before she falls completely asleep, but I just want to hold her close to me.

Putting my little girl (who is getting bigger by the minute) to sleep has become my favorite part of the day. Not because it means I have some time to myself to get my things done, but because it means I get to hold her close to me for a few brief moments and savor the blessing of being her mom.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008


We only have 4 left! Wish me luck finding the remaining cuties new homes by this weekend.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Picture Tag

Here's a fun picture tag.

Go to your 6th picture folder and pick your 6th picture. Here's what I found.

It's a picture of our climbing bag that I took three years ago while on a climbing trip that we took with some friends. We were in Southern Utah.

I tag anyone that wants to do this.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scarecrow Festival

Tonight we went to a Scarecrow Festival charity event. We had a great time. Antalya especially enjoyed the 'Toddler Town' area. There were LOTS of fun toys. She was in heaven, and ran from one thing to the next without more than a second pause as you can see from the pictures. She did stop for just moment to look at the camera once.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Birthday Celebrations

Since Jason and I missed Antalya's birthday, we decided to have a little celebration tonight with her. It was just a few of us, but we had a good time. Antalya loved her inflatable Rody Horse. I'm hopeful that it will help improve her balance and help her get the idea about bouncing- something her stiff legs just haven't quite grasped yet.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weekend Get-away

We had a family get away last night at a timeshare in Midway. It was so nice to get away and just relax. We ate lots of junk food, watched a movie, and just had fun. Antalya had a great time exploring a new place, and I loved it that the cupboards and drawers were almost all empty which means I didn't have to watch her every second.

After breakfast this morning we were planning on going for a hike, but then we realized the Deer Hunt has begun. I was too nervous that some over anxious hunter would hear us walking through the leaves and shoot. So we settled for a nice mountain drive.

The sunrise this morning

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Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Great to Be Two!

Since I was gone on Antalya's birthday, I wanted to do a birthday post today. This last year has been a busy year for our little girl. She has accomplished so much and is learning so much every day. Here are a few of her accomplishments this past year:

*Learning to crawl!
*Learning to walk!
*Learning to communicate! She knows somewhere around 50 different signs, and learns more every day. She can communicate so much to us - from signing what she wants to eat, to what toys she wants to play with, or what activity she wants to do. She can tell me a few colors, recognize animals, and do the actions for a handful of songs. She is even beginning to say a few words - 'NO' is definitely her favorite.
*Learning to climb in and out of the bathtub, and climbing up chairs and tables to get what she wants!
*Growing enough hair for a pig tail!

There are so many other little things, but it would take me all day to list all that she has learned. We are amazed every day at the things our little sunshine teaches us. We love her so much and wouldn't change her for all the world!
Happy Birthday Antalya, We Love You!
Here is Antalya on her birthday last year, and then on the day after she was born she was born (still awaiting surgery).
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Being two is great! I have mastered the use of the word "NO!" and think it is great fun to use it every time someone asks me a question - even if I really mean to say yes. Luckily mommy knows how to decipher when I really mean "NO" and I'm just practicing my vocabulary. There are lots of other things I enjoy too - here are some of my favorite things.

1. Playing Ring-around-the-Rosie on top of the kitchen table
2. Treats
3. Singing songs - but not just any song. It can only be the song I am in the mood for. I let people know if they chosen the wrong song by quickly stating "NO" within the first 2 seconds. Sometimes mommy just can't get it right and she has to begin 15 different songs before she finally picks the right one. 
4. Playing at the playground - I especially like going down the very tallest slide.
My Rainbow Stacker
6. Playing the piano
7. Ensuring my mommy doesn't get more than 6 hours of sleep at night
8. Running away from my mommy after my bath and hiding behind the recliner so she can't put my diaper on. Sometimes I go pee-pee before she can get to me - it makes me giggle that I am so sneaky.
9. Giving kisses
10. Signing Time
11. The many samples I get to enjoy when I go to Costco with mommy
12. Eating grapes by the handful
13. Exploring new cupboards and drawers (when I go visit friends). My mommy laughs because I always do so with such an air of confidence - opening the cupboard or drawer, reaching in to find an item without even looking, pulling it out, closing the cupboard or drawer, and then taking time to expect my object. She thinks somehow I always know exactly what is in there. 

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Test Time

Every six months Antalya has her Early Intervention evaluation. This involves a visit with one of her therapists who proceeds to "test" her skills in several areas (gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, social, language, self-help, etc). With her recent birthday it was time once again to test her skills in order to help us set new goals.

Regardless of what the actual results say, today was a SUCCESS! I was amazed at all Antalya has learned in the last six months. She was even able to demonstrate several tasks that we haven't been working on - such as sorting spoons and blocks into different containers, and putting a penny into a piggy bank at several different angles. These may seem like simple, insignificant things to many of you, but once you have a child that is developmentally delayed you learn to celebrate every success and not take any new skill for granted. Way to go Antalya!
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Wordless Wednesday - I Love the Colors South of the Border

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Jason and I were in Mexico for the weekend. Not quite the Mexico vacation you might be imagining though. You see, this trip was an extended family tour of Colonia Juarez in Chihuahua.

We flew to El Paso where we joined about 60 other extended family members on a giant tour bus to begin our journey across the border. I was surprised there were so many people. Jason's parents talked us into going several months ago, and all we knew was that we would be traveling with them and a few other family members to Mexico to place headstones on the graves of Jason's great grandfather and great, great grandfather.

The story began in Italy in 1856 when Jason's great, great grandfather joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints along with his parents, and most of his siblings. They left their home in northern Italy to come to the United States to be with other members of the church (or saints as we call them). They eventually made it to Utah where many of the saints had already been gathering. In 1885 Jason's great, great grandfather, who by then was married and had begun a family of his own, was asked to move his family to Mexico to help colonize an area. He, along with several other families faithfully went to Mexico and settled in two small colonies - Colonia Dublan and Colonia Juarez.

Several years later he passed away leaving his wife to care for nine children, one of which was Jason's great grandfather. In 1912, due to the Mexican revolution, they were forced from their homes became refugees. They exchanged guns and horses with the rebels in exchange for save passage back into the United States. They made it safely into El Paso where the US government agreed to help them out with provisions. After the revolution ended many families returned to the colonies with their families, but many, including my husband's family chose to stay in the states.

Many of the early family members, including Jason's great, great grandfather, and his great grandfather died in the colonies, but never had a headstone placed on their grave. This trip's purpose was to place, and dedicate headstones to those family graves that didn't have them, and also to learn more about family history. It was an amazing experience and one I will cherish for a long time. It has renewed in me a desire to learn more about my ancestors.

Some of the highlights of the trip were:

-The Food!!! It has been an incredibly long time since I have enjoyed so much (and ate so much!)
-Attending the temple in Colonia Juarez
-Meeting lots of new people
-Spending time with family
-Mata Ortiz pottery
-Touring the old family home which has since been converted into a delicious restaurant
-Learning about the Academia Juarez where people such as Marion G Romney, and Henry Eyring graduated High School

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