Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A New Chapter

Moving day came! 
IMG_6566My parents deserve an award for putting up with us in their home for six months. We loved spending so much time with them, and I am grateful my girls had a chance to get to know them so well. My parents are amazing. 

But all chapters must end, and new ones must begin.

And this next one keeps us in Utah for at least a couple more years. Jason's parents were called to serve a two year LDS mission in California. When they asked us if we'd be willing to stay in their home while they are away, we jumped at the chance. 

The girls are enjoying having so many new closets and rooms to discover. But despite new toys, new hiding places, and our first ever 'playroom', the girls still prefer what they call 'making a cake' as the activity of choice the second I sit down to the computer, or start talking on the phone.

With the move, Antalya had to say goodbye to her school class that we have grown to love so much. But at her new school she gets to ride the bus. 

Victoria and I see her off each day,
and then anxiously wait for the bus to bring her back home.

Life is good!