Monday, April 25, 2011

When Nature Calls

We've done it! Antalya is officially diaper free during waking hours. Can I get a big "hooray"! That doesn't mean she completely accident free, but we're getting there.

Tonight we all headed to the park to feed the ducks.
After the ducks got their fill, we headed to the playground. For those of you who haven't experienced an English park, they are huge! This particular park has several ponds, a playground, tennis courts, soccer field, etc, etc.

So while we are at the playground, Antalya makes it known that she needs to pee. I have no idea where the toilets are, so I quickly pick her up and all four of us start walking over the entire park trying to find a toilet for Antalya so that she will understand that there are toilets in places other than at home.

After 10 minutes of searching, we admit defeat and find a little secluded area with some bushes to hide behind. I help her take her pants off and try to get her to pee in the bushes. She of course has a different idea and runs out, half naked, onto the grass, sits down, and takes care of business.

I'm proud of her for not having an accident in her pants. But now I can just see her every time she needs to pee, thinking she can pull down her pants and sit on the grass and do it. I think I better warn her teacher at school just in case she tries to do it school.

Happy Easter

Since easter egg hunts aren't a common thing here in England, we decided to head to a park on Saturday morning and create our own. The girls played while Jason hid some eggs in a small area (I'm sure those who saw him thought it was really strange). This was Victoria's first egg hunt, but she quickly caught on.

After they had their fill of candy, Antalya was excited to do some climbing,

and Victoria is always happy when she can find some ducks to chase.

On Easter morning, Antalya was super excited when she realized there was more chocolate to be had!
And Victoria couldn't believe there was bubbles in her easter basket.

Although all the candy and egg hunts are fun and make it memorable for the girls, it was pondering on the true meaning behind the celebrations that made this a memorable Easter for me. There is something about getting older that makes eternal truths more meaningful to me. I am incredibly grateful for Jesus Christ, for his sacrifice and atonement, and for conquering death that we might all live again!

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Missing Egg

Antalya has hidden an egg somewhere. We can't find it.

In order of least likely to most likely, here is what might have happened to the missing egg:
  1. Antalya cooked it, ate it, and cleaned up her mess.
  2. It got flushed down the toilet.
  3. It is in the garbage.
  4. It was hidden in some obscure place without breaking the shell.
  5. It is smashed in some obscure place only to be found when it begins to stink up the whole house.
Wish us luck :)

Resident Fashion Expert

This last week Victoria has become very insistent on what she will and will not wear. It usually means she picks out an assortment of clothing and wants them all layered. And every outfit must include a hat! Here are a couple of her latest styles.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I wouldn't say patience is one of my strongest traits. In fact - I hate waiting for anything. Sometimes even waiting for a red light will make my blood pressure rise. It's always been that way, but I think it is only getting worse as I get older.

I've always been one to make a decision, and then jump on it. Like the week after I graduated High School and decided on Sunday that I wanted to move out, and by Tuesday had moved into my own place. Or when Jason and I decided to get married a couple days before Thanksgiving, and by New Year's were already on our honeymoon.

Once a decision has been made, the waiting becomes pure torture for me.

And that's where I'm finding myself this week. We made the decision to move back to the states, the plane tickets are bought, but now I just have to wait. It's not that I'm anxious to leave England, because truth-be-told, I absolutely love this country. I'm just anxious to start the new phase - the phase that will hopefully lead to a job, and eventually settling down somewhere.

I'm anxious for my girls to have a yard to play in, walls to decorate, and toys that are worth keeping. I'm anxious to have to walk outside to get the mail, to live on a quiet street without fear of a double decker bus running over one of my girls, and a king size bed that is big enough to really stretch out on. I'm anxious for hot summer nights, and fireworks, and picnics at the park with cousins.

Luckily, I get to spend everyday of the waiting with these cuties who have no concept of time.

They take each day, and in fact, each moment, as it comes.
I am continually amazed at how fully they can enjoy the moment. Their laughter is medicine to me, and a reminder that this time will pass so quickly, and before I know it we will be back in the states, and I will be longing for the simple, quiet life we had here in London.

Friday, April 8, 2011


For months I have been dreaming about taking a vacation this spring to some warm, beautiful beach somewhere on this side of the world. I spent hours online trying to find the perfect get away for our family. But it always came down to just one problem - we are students with no income and there was just no way we could justify the cost.

I had given up on a family get away when I happened to come across a great last minute deal for a weekend cottage in Cornwall, England. So I jumped on it! It wasn't Spain or Turkey - but it was just right for us.

We spent last weekend at The Olde House in the small little town of Chapel Amble, England. The girls absolutely loved it!

We spent two afternoons beaches near the cottage. It was one of the first times the girls have ever seen the ocean. Although it wasn't sun bathing weather, the beaches were gorgeous.

The property we stayed at had an indoor swimming pool, playground, and an old barn decked out with a giant ball pit and soft play, playhouse, and piano. Antalya was in heaven! The only problem she had was deciding if she wanted the pool or ball pit.

Victoria on the other hand just couldn't get enough of the farm animals, and was constantly begging us to go see the animals. Her favorites were the baby bunnies, the ewes, and a random duck that would sometimes roam. In fact she liked the animals so much that the last night we were there, she woke at 2am wanting to see the animals and was so devastated when we wouldn't take her out that she was up for several hours (In hindsight, we probably would have all gotten more sleep if I would have just taken her outside for few minutes).

As we were driving home we realized this is the first family vacation we have had with just our family in over five years. Antalya's only four, so really, this was our very first family vacation with our kids. Jason and I both agreed we need to make a better habit of getting away at times other than family reunions.