Thursday, June 26, 2014

On Equal Ground

Growing up, I knew a handle of people with swimming pools, but in Utah, I always felt like a swimming pool was very much a status symbol. I'm not into status symbols of any kind, so never imagined I would ever have our very own pool.

Last fall we made a move to the desert. Jason insisted that any home we consider have a pool. Boy, am I glad he did!

When it's 100+ every day there's not much else to do but jump in and cool off. We're in our pool usually twice a day, every day.

Spending so much time in the pool, has made me incredibly grateful for having one, not just so we can cool off, but because I have come to realize that it is the only activity that puts Antalya on equal ground with any other child. She can interact in a positive way, for a long duration of time with boys and girls of any age and ability.


I might insist of a pool wherever we live from now on.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Challenger Little League

Antalya had her first experience with Little League this past spring. If she could've played in 60 degree weather instead 90-100, I think she would've really enjoyed it. But even with the heat, she was excited to go to the games each week, and had lots of fun for the first inning. Thank goodness, games only lasted two innings. 

Run, run!

Antalya, Ada, and Victoria
These three girls are best friends!

 A future umpire!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hinckley Hills

This little ray of sunshine burst into our lives 14 months ago. We call him Mr Hink. He loves anything topped with strawberry jam, splashing, eating dirt, playing hide-and-seek, and stealing drinks from strangers. We are all completely smitten.