Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Construction Zone

It has been nearly two full weeks living in a remodel zone. We are getting new cabinets in the kitchen. Since we were tearing the kitchen up, we decided to really tear it up and remove our dropped ceiling. That only led to more problems. We called someone out yesterday to fix the piping issues. We had to turn the water off, but thought it would be no big deal since it would only take a few hours. Well, that was yesterday afternoon. I went to bed at 10:30 last night and they were still working on it - and we still had no water. This morning they are at it again and hoping to finish up soon. I hope for all our sakes that we can at least get the water turned back on soon.

Here are thirteen reasons why I don't like having my kitchen torn up:

1. The salt shaker just ran out of salt. Normally I could quickly refill it, but unlucky for me I packed all the salt in the bottom of an unaccessible box.

2. We can't afford take out every night, so I have been trying to fix dinner most nights. I have quickly realized that most of my baking pans got packed away when we cleared out the cabinets.

3. Antalya is terrified of the load noises that are associated with all the remodel work.

4. It is very difficult to cook on a stove with the hood ranging in the way.

5. The only eating-ware we kept out was two forks, two spoons, two knifes, two plates, two bowls. I have realized that sometimes that's not enough.

6. I miss running water!!!!

7. I have virtually no counter space; our kitchen table can only hold so much.

8. Clutter, clutter everywhere.

9. I have no hot pads.

10. Everything is covered in dust.

11. Since our keys lost their home, we keep loosing them amidst all the chaos.

12. My recipe books are all packed away.

13. But I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I have heard before that according to the laws of science honeybees should not be able to fly. Their wings are not large enough to support the mass of their bodies in the air. So each time a bee takes flight, they are essentially completing the impossible. That same analogy could be applied to children with special needs. So many people, including doctors, and others professionals are too quick in labeling these kid's disabilities, giving the parents a depressing list of all the things their children will never be able to do. I don't agree with that philosophy. In many ways, our little kids are like honeybees. They CAN and DO accomplish what is thought by many to be the impossible.

Check out this new website dedicated to helping children with special needs learn to fly!

Happy Birthday Jason!

Today is Jason's Birthday. He is my best friend, and I feel so blessed to have him as my spouse. I know he wouldn't enjoy me doing a post about all the reasons I love him so much, so instead here are some pictures of some of the moments we have shared together. He is everything I could have ever dreamed of having. I love you Jason, and can't imagine my life without you!

Community Food Co-op

I just joined our local community food co-op. Today was my first food pick up, and I have to say how impressed I was. It is a grass-roots, volunteer, community group that gets together and mass orders food each month to lower the price for all involved. If you are in the area, you should check it out here, or see if there is one in your own community. 

For only $23 I got the following:
1 lb ground beef
2 lbs chicken thighs
1 lb beef ribs
1 lb wild-caught salmon
1 cauliflower
1 head of lettuce
2 green peppers
1 bag baby carrots
2 mangoes
5 peaches
5 nectarines
1 loaf of locally made whole wheat bread
1 lb rice

Friday, July 25, 2008


Several months ago I found myself at a girl's night out with several people I had never met. Since there were so many friends of friends there, we went around the room, each person taking a few minutes to introduce themselves. After several minutes it was my turn. It went something like this: "Hi. My name is Sunny. I have a one year old daughter; she keeps me so busy that I really don't do much else." I was embarrassed that I could not think of anything that I enjoyed doing, any hobbies, or anything unique about myself. I could think of plenty of things that I once enjoyed doing before my life so drastically changed when Antalya was born.

That introduction has remained in the back of my mind all these months. Who am I? Do I have a life outside my duties at home? Am I setting aside time to develop my talents or discover new things about myself?

This summer I have taken up running. Each morning as I hit the pavement, I savor the time I have to reflect on life without the normal distractions. This morning I was thinking back to that evening several months ago, and realized that if asked today, my introduction would be very different. It would go something like this:

Hi. I'm Sunny. I love being a mother. I enjoy spending my daughter's nearly every waking moment loving her, teaching her, and encouraging her to learn new skills and be the best she can be. Through my experiences with my daughter I have learned that I have a passion for children with special needs. One day I want to have a career helping these special little ones. I love the look of accomplishment on their face when they are finally able to tackle a new task or learn a new skill. I believe they were sent to this world to teach us to love and become more Christ-like in our actions. They are little angels walking the earth with us, and I feel so blessed to have one of these angels living in my home.

I am a runner. I love hitting the road with my iPod, a Luna bar in one hand, and gatorade in the other. I love the feeling of just me and the road. I feel free. Free from self-doubt, free from the constraints and pressures of society, free from the stresses and anxiety of live. There is no one reminding me of all the things I need to get done that day, no one watching me or critizing the way I do things. During my morning run I feel like I can take on the world and come back truimphant.

I love to read. I am currently working on a list of classics that I picked up at our local library. I love that when I pick up good literature I am also learning about history, pyschology, math, science, religion, human nature, art, the list goes on and on. I learn so much about myself, and about who I want to become through the great fictional characters of the world.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Every morning as I go to get Antalya out of bed, she signs for me what she wants to do that day. Every morning it is the same thing. Signing Time! It's a battle to try to find activities that will take her mind off her favorite DVD. As soon as she sees the main characters of Rachel, Alex, and Leah appear on the screen her little face lights up and she begins to giggle. Then for the next 30 minutes her eyes are glued to the screen. Occasionally she will sign along with Rachel, or dance to the music, but mostly she just likes to watch.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thank You Dr Conner

For the last year I have wanted to change pediatricians. I put it off because I couldn't think of a really good reason to change, and I had received so many recommendations for the doctor we were seeing. Well, I have been reminded why it is that we as mothers are always told to follow our instincts - even if there is no logical reason why. We started seeing Dr Conner a month ago. From the moment she walked in and introduced herself, I knew I had found Antalya's pediatrician at last! She took one look at her chart, and then a look at Antalya and gave us referrals to see pulmonology and ENT. We just got back from our visit with the pulmonologist. Antalya has her first sleep study scheduled for next week, but without even seeing the results from that she was able to tell us that Antalya has been aspirating during the night, has sleep apnea, and incredibly enlarged adenoids that need to come out. Our appointment with ENT is on Friday. We'll see what they say - but it looks like my little girl is going to have to endure another surgery. But if it will help her breathe better and sleep better it will be worth it! Thank you Dr Conner for being proactive and not seeing my daughter as a syndrome, but rather as a child who can, and should receive all the help she needs to help her live a long, healthy life.

On another note - I am an awful blogger as of late. Last week Antalya took her first steps. That's right - my little girl can walk and I didn't even do a post about it. She will take up to 5 or 6 steps all by herself and is starting to do it more frequently now. I am so proud of her determination. If she keeps at it she could be running by her 2nd birthday. And yes, I am ready to chase her! I can't wait!