Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Karaoke Singer

IMG_0274, originally uploaded by sunnycardon.

Last week was our ward Christmas party. As everyone was cleaning up Antalya finally got her chance at the mic!

Salt Lake City Here We Come!

Our packs are packed, the house is spick and span, and everyone is headed to bed for a few hours of sleep. We leave at 6:00am. Twenty hours later we will be (cross your fingers there are no delays) home for the holidays. I am so excited!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

She's Back

Well, faithful blog readers, I'm sorry to leave you with nothing for so long. Jason had a big term paper to write. So, for nearly two weeks my husband disappeared and along with him went the laptop. We survived. And now, suddenly I find myself nearing the middle of December and wondering where the time has gone. We fly home for the holidays in less than a week! By the time we come back to England and get over the jet lag Victoria will be six months old (I can't believe it), and Antalya will start preschool five days a week.

When I sit back and think about my life I am amazed at all the changes that come with time. Sometimes I wish I could just freeze the moment to make it last a little longer.

When we first arrived here in London, I wondered if Antalya would ever be the same. It seemed getting a little sister, watching all her belongings slowly disappear as they got packed away, traveling on an airplane for a day, then suddenly finding herself in a new home, in a strange environment, surrounded by strangers, and no cousins or grandparents to play with took quite the toll on my little one.

Well, folks, I'm happy to say that as of a few weeks now, Antalya is back! She wakes with a grin, laughs, dances, and sings nearly all day long (and speaking of laughter - Victoria is all giggles these days), and has very few meltdowns (somedays not even a single one!). With all this has come an increased desire to communicate using words. Every day she picks up a few more and she is even beginning to form lots of two-three words phrases. Here's some of my favorites:

cold ba-bee peas (hold baby please)
za ba-bee (the baby)
oh ba-bee (baby is sad, I better go make her happy)
pee-boo (peek-a-boo)
ba-bye see ya
gay-goo (thank you)

And if you thought this certain three year old needs a little help with tasks around the house, think again. She doesn't hesitate to let anyone know that she does NOT need help brushing her teeth, climbing into the bathtub, getting something down from the top shelf, turning on the computer, or opening her own candy wrappers.
But, boy do I love her spunk!