Sunday, September 2, 2007

Yesterday we made the drive up to Fort Bridger, Wyoming to see the annual Mountain Man Rendevous. It was quite the experience. We saw Native Americans perform traditional dances and songs. We saw lots of animals hides and furs, and lots of people dressed in traditional attire - whether it be leather and furs, prairie dresses, or native american clothing. It was a lot of fun. Jason bought a piece of deer hide, Sunny bought a glass bead, and Antalya's favorite find was the nice, cool bottle that the just brewed Root Beer came in (the Root Beer was especially yummy, but she didn't know that)!


Christine said...

I want to go to Mountain Man festival too. Good for Antalya on scootin herself around. Give her a cheerio or something for me.

Steve & Cindy said...

Good thing it was only Root Beer! What a cutie, we love you all.

Steve, Cindy and family