Sunday, November 4, 2007

Santiago de Chile

Buenas tardes! I was hoping to be able to post some pictures tonight, but since I am writing from a public computer a picture from the internet will have to do. We are having a great time in Chile. We spent a few days camping in a canyon at the base of the Andes were we had a lot of fun. Antalya enjoyed eating dirt by the handfulls whenever I wasn´t looking. We hiked to a beautiful waterfall and even found a local climbing area. We were excited to go climbing because Jason had been lugging around 20 lbs or so of climbing gear all week.

We have also spent a few days in Santiago staying with my friends the Bastias-Guzman family. We enjoyed lots of yummy homemade Chilean food. I think I have already gained 5 lbs in the week we have been here. Jason´s parents arrive last night. It has been great seeing them again.

I don´t want this to be anymore a travel log so I will just highlight some of my most favorite things so far (in no particular order):

1. Antalya´s reaction to the airplane - on take off during that moment when your stomach drops to your toes her face lit up with the biggest smile I have ever seen!
2. Hermana Mercedes´ homemade lentil dish.
3. Greeting everyone you meet with a kiss.
4. Once - this is the Chilean evening snack consisting of bread, cheese, and tea.
5. After 7 nights of sleeping in between Jason and I, Antalya got to sleep in a pack-in-play just like the one she has at home. When I set her down in it she started giggling with excitement.
6. Walking the same streets I have walked so many times before.
7. Rides in the colectivo - a multi-user taxi. The driver takes you for a set rate, picking up more people along the way until the vehicle is full.
8. Introducing my beautiful family to the wonderful Chilean people.
9. Hearing the gospel taught in the celestial language!
10. Completos - a standard Chilean food. You won´t believe this but it is hotdog smothered with tomatoes, avocado, and mayo, and it is SOOO delicious!

Tomorrow we head for the coast for the afternoon. Tuesday is full of site seeing in the city, and then Wednesday morning it is off to the south to the Torres del Paine National Park. I can´t wait!


Jill Hunt said...

It sounds like you guys are having an amazing time. I am so jealous. What wonderful family memories!!

Debbie said...

How exciting! My brother in law is from Chile! Most of my inlaws have gotten go to go but it was right before Tarl and I were married. I bet it's amazing there.

Becky & Joseph said...

Wow! It sounds like things are going great and you're really enjoying yourselves! I'm a little jealous--I can't wait to take my family back to my mission someday, too! We miss you here!

Taralee said...

sounds like you guys are living it up! meanwhile OJ sits and waits in anticipation for wind. we miss you guys...can't wait to see pictures!

ps our blog

Christine said...

Please don't forget to take pictures and notes about your whole trip. Bus numbers, names of beaches, bus stops, hotels, everything. I can't wait until you post pictures. Enjoy the rest of your trip. I hope you get the travel bug soooo bad that you will come to Antalya next year (or maybe this year, hee hee hee). Love ya.

Tiff and Dan Bates said...

I wish I was walking those same streets! I miss it sooo much. I hope to take my family there one day! I can't wait to see all the pictures when you get home.

S. said...

Wow, this post brings back memories!