Thursday, May 21, 2009

In Memory of Grandpa

My grandpa passed away last Thursday at the age of 94. I feel so grateful that he was my grandpa, and that I had the chance to know him for so many years. Here are some of my memories of him:

Always growing up, it never officially felt like Christmas until he and my Grandma would arrive on Christmas Eve. There was something about their arrival that signaled to me that now it was Christmas.

Drinking lemonade out of colorful glasses in the summertime in their yard. I loved their garden because their were so many trees.

Playing with his dog. He loved dogs, and always treated his dog so well. If I remember right, when I was growing up he had a yellow lab named Jude.

Whenever we would visit, we were guaranteed lots of candy out of the candy jar. There were always hard butterscotch and strawberry candies to choose from.

Growing up, my favorite thing about my grandpa was the fact that he graduated from Harvard Business school. That fact alone left a great impression on me as to the value of education and setting your educational goals high.

(I got some great pictures from the funeral, but I have misplaced my attachment to download them. I'll post them later.)


Michelle said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your grandfather; it sounds like you have some wonderful memories of him.

Strawberry Girl said...

Sorry for the loss Sunny.

Grandparents are special people.


Jan said...

Great tribute, Sunny! Your grandpa would be very happy to read this. He probably has!!!

Jan said...

Where did you get that great picture of grandpa? Can you e -mail it to me?

Tara said...

sorry for the loss of your sweet grandpa...but what a long life!!