Monday, July 27, 2009

We're Alive

Yes, we are all still alive (although Victoria's life remains in constant danger every moment that Antalya is awake, but thankfully there have been no serious smothering injuries yet). Victoria will be two weeks old tomorrow. Time is flying by - which in our case is not such a good thing. In only five more weeks we are saying goodbye to life as we have know it for the last four years and boarding an airplane for London. I feel like the list of moving preparations is endless. At the top of my worries is the fact that we still have not received a birth certificate for Victoria - we can't apply for her passport or visa until we have the birth certificate, and we can't board that airplane without a passport.

So, on top of trying my best to recover from childbirth, keeping up on laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping, keeping everyone in the house fed and happy and diapers changed, giving lots of attention to my darling attention-demanding two year old, protecting the baby from the constant loves of her big sister, keeping up with my church responsibilities, and trying to get whatever sleep I can - my mind is filled with the list of all the other things that need to happen in this next month: sell our on-line business, find a home for our german shepherd, yearly appts for Antalya with the peditrician, cardiologist, sleep specialist, dentist, plus appts to have lab work done, neck x-rays performed, and a sedated echocardiogram on her heart, pack up all of belongings, sort through what we want to take and what we want to store, make whatever purchases we are going to need while in England, sell our car, figure out our finances for the next year, and plan a family get together to celebrate Victoria's birth.

I'd like to say I am handling it all well, but to be honest most days my only goal is to survive the day. I know it will get easier, I'm just not sure when. But at least I have the world's best husband, and two of the cutest little faces imaginable to keep me smiling. Here's a kiss from Victoria:


Alan and Jeni said...

Sorry to hear that things are so busy for you guys - we would love to take your german shepard if you could ship him or her to Indiana! Stay strong, in a few months you will finally have a day or two where you can relax and be glad that this is all over. - Alan

Jeana said...

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to send me that book. I started it today, and am excited to learn and be better prepared for my little one. Good luck with everything you have going, you're amazing.

Linnea said...

Kissy, kissy! Sometimes you need that little extra affection to make it through the day. I got tired just reading all the stuff you have to do ... I can't imagine actually trying to pull it all off! That's why you amaze me, Sunny.

Tara said...

Okay, I got a little stressed (okay ALOT) for you after reading this post. I wish I was there to give you a hand. I understand the stress of moving overseas....but geez doing all of that in 5 weeks with a newborn and an adoring sister?! We will pray for you! Good luck.

Sonja said...

What a busy, full plate you have! You are so wise to take it one day at a time. It will get better. I'm just reminded of this little poem I recite from time to time:

For every worry under the sun,
there is a remedy or there is none.
If there's a remedy,
hurry and find it.
If there is none,
never mind it.

I absolutely love the kiss! What a darling little sweetie. I'm sure it's hard to think about doing lots of things with that sweet face hypnotizing you. I'd just want to sit and gaze at her forever. *sigh*

Well, my dear, you can do it! And if the birth certificate doesn't come in time just send Jason and stay with us a little while longer. :) I'm selfish like that.

Maren said...

Wow! What an adventure you have ahead of you.

Tiff and Dan said...

just so you know...its all possible! we moved to london when benton was a month old...i know how stressful it all can be especialy with a 2 year old. let me know if you need any help. i'll actually be in london all next week if you need anything dont over there. also i'm not sure if you are shipping anything but i have the number of a great company that shipped our stuff door to door and they were cheaper than anyone else in the US (belive me I checked them ALL out). they were really great. email me if you want any london details.

also, have you heard of magicjack? its been the cheapest and best way to have an american number and keep in touch (at least ofr us).

Stuart and Sarah said...

Victoriis so beautiful! Don't worry...everything will work out and everything will be okay!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry I'm so far behind! Congrats on the birth of Victoria...she is beautiful!!

Talk about stress - wow you have a lot going on with an overseas move and a newborn! I remember how stressful it was just getting everything organized and ready to move from NM to MD, so I can imagine how it is moving overseas! Praying everything falls into place and gets easier day by day.

Bunsy said...

I have no advice for you but I really liked the poem that Sonja left for you. Once you're in London and you've finally moved into your apartment and Jason's off to school all day, you'll sit and think, "What am I going to do today?" Well, blessings to you. Good luck. We just tried our Majic Jack today and it is great. Definitely worth it.

The Munck Family said...

Continuing to pray for your days to go smooth, with lots checked off your to do list!

You have such a beautiful family and are so very blessed!