Thursday, September 16, 2010

Odds and Ends

This was taken on Antalya's first day back at school. She is in nursery school which meets five days a week for three hours, except for Mondays when she goes all day. She is so excited to be back, and it is so wonderful to be back on a schedule.IMG_9052
Of course after watching Antalya pose for a picture, Victoria had to do it also! IMG_9055

A couple weeks ago I took the girls on a day trip. Just me and them. It was the first time I have gone anywhere all day with them without someone else to help entertain during the car ride and lend a hand when girls wouldn't cooperate. We visited this beautiful home (if you can really call it a home) called Audley End House. We didn't actually go inside (I knew that would really be pushing my luck with the girls), but we did enjoy walking around the many gardens, playing on the playground, eating at the cafe, and buying an ice cream. The best part of the day was, We did it! We managed just fine the three of us. In fact, I would even do again!
IMG_9034 (forgive the smudge on the photo - I didn't realize that little, sticky fingers had been playing with my lens)

Victoria still very much enjoys her meals. IMG_9048

And Antalya loves her pink boots!IMG_9009

But not nearly as much as Victoria enjoys wearing my bras. IMG_9014

And I am enjoying all the silly things my girls do. They keep my smiling more and more each day! And the best news of the day...the landlady has agreed to put in new carpet. Hooray! I'll wait to post pics of our flat until after the new carpet arrives :)


Jan said...

Thanks for lifting my day. . . cute pictures, Sun. I'd love to see the gardens around that beautiful old home almost as much a I'd love seeing you all. And you ATE at the cafe???

Sonja said...

Thanks for the chuckle, Tree-tree! :)

Schedules (and I'm saying that in my mind the British way-shedules) are a good thing. I'm so glad Antalya likes her school! What a blessing.

And three cheers for taking the girls out! Isn't it fun, when they get just a little bit older, the things you can do? Just today I was thinking that about my own kids.

I'm glad you are all settled and it's SO fun to see pictures!

Bunsy said...

I love Victoria's fashion sense! I remember when my brothers and I used to find my aunt's bras and wear them around over our clothes. She was mortified! You are a good sport.