Saturday, May 21, 2011

Princess Diana Memorial Playground

It's been almost two years since we moved here to London.

On our very first day here in London, while walking through Hyde Park, my mom and I stumbled upon this amazing playground that was built after the death of Princess Diana. Since that day, I have been wanting to get back there with the girls to play. Now, with only a few Saturdays left, and Jason spending every minute preparing for exams, I decided it was time for me and the girls to make the journey.

You would think that since the playground is in London, and we live in London, this would be easy enough, but it's not (hence the reason it's taken me almost two years to return). If I opted for public transportation it is over an hour away with several transfers. Or if I drove, I would have to tackle the London traffic with no guarantee that once we arrived I would be able to find parking.

I decided to take my chances driving. After a 20 minute detour trying to find a place to fill up the car, we made it, and even found parking nearby.

The playground is pretty amazing. The main area is filled with sand and water, with a huge pirate ship. But, that's only one part. There is also a little kids play area, a teepee area, a wooded play area, and a musical area.

The girls loved running around seeing all there was to do. We were all a bit sad when we had to head back to the car before the paid time on our parking space lapsed.

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Jan said...

Wish I was there!

The Munck Family said...

Super cute header!!!!

Hard for me to believe you all have been in London almost 2 years, wow! I have enjoyed your time there...through pictures and blog post:) Now I look forward to your coming back to the states and seeing where God leads you next! We'll be praying for your last few weeks in London and your travels home.

Jeff & Rebecca said...

Wow... your girls are so darling! And that looks like such a fun park! I can't believe how they are growing up. We're excited to see you soon!

Michelle said...

wow that does look like an amazing playground! So glad you were able to get back there before you moved!