Friday, August 12, 2011

The Moment

A couple miles from my parent's house is a beautiful canyon. I have so many memories of hikes, picnics, campfires, cook-outs, and late nights looking up at the stars. A few years ago they put a pay station at the entrance and starting charging $7 a vehicle to enter. The put a damper on my visits to this beautiful place.

Just last week I found out that Antalya's National Park Access card will get us into the canyon for free (did you know anyone with a disability just needs to take proof of the disability to a rancher station and they are given a lifetime pass that can be used for free entry to all National Parks, National Forests, and BLM land?)

So this morning we packed a lunch and headed up the beautiful canyon. I had visions of us spending the entire morning hiking, throwing rocks in the stream, and exploring nature. I should know better than to set such high expectations.

Antalya picked a picnic table to sit at and we started our picnic.

Soon the girls discovered the stream, and so we moved our picnic to the water's edge.

As I was sitting there thinking enjoying the sound of the flowing water and the birds chirping I couldn't help but think what an absolutely perfect it was. No sooner, than I thought that, I heard a loud rumbling coming down the trail. Victoria suddenly jumped into my lap screaming "hold you, hold you" in her sweet little voice. And just like that our wonderful morning out in nature was so rudely interrupted by this monster tractor, that began work 200 yards from where we were sitting.

The rest of our short-lived picnic played out with Victoria clinging to me for dear life, Antalya peeing in her pants, and then running off bare-foot, leaving me to clean up as quick I could, grab shoes, and go chasing after her with Victoria crying on my hip.

But that's life isn't it? Moments of absolute bliss that give us a short reprieve from all the upset, chaos, and hard work of everyday. The challenge is learning to appreciate those short moments when they come around, and adapt to change when it suddenly throws your plans out the window.

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Christine said...

Love it! I'm laughing. My big belly is bouncing up and down. Oh Sunny, you have a great way of documenting what happened. You will be so grateful in years to come that you kept this blog.