Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just Go With It

Today we took an unexpected road trip from home and back again. 

Jason was supposed to catch a Greyhound bus to Las Vegas this morning, but due to some miscommunications we got him to the bus station just as the bus was pulling out. We were left with no choice but to drive him the extra 2 1/2 hours to the next stopping place along the route so he could hop on the bus there. And then the girls and I would have to drive the 3 hours back home again. Since we were already an 1/2 hour from our home, there was no time to turn back and get whatever distractions we would normally bring along for a day in the car.

Luckily the girls and I left the house this morning all wearing shoes (this doesn't always happen), and I had grabbed my purse and phone out of habit. But that was about all we had. No books, no coloring pads, no DVD's, no snacks, and with no radio signal across central Utah the only music option available was an old (and somewhat scratched) CD of Shakira.

But we did it. And we even smiled along the way!

It was nice to have a few extra hours with Jason before we had to part, and we got to stop in for a visit at Auntie Gayle's house. Uncle Steve and her live the home that my great-grandfather built with his own hands 60 years ago, in a town so small there isn't even a traffic light. If you ask me, it's like visiting a little piece of paradise. And the girls love visiting because they have what Antalya has named the "princess house" playground, and a little jeep the girls can drive by themselves. And in their eyes, the thirty minutes to play at Auntie Gayle's house was well worth the 3 hours in the car to get there.
(The old one room log cabin in the background is the home that my grandfather was raised in, the newer cinderblock home in the far right corner is the one my great-grandfather built for his family with the life insurance money he received when his son was killed in the Korean war).

And tonight my heart is full of gratitude that what could've been a long and frustrating day turned out to be a very pleasant one. I am grateful for two little girls that have learned to just go with the flow. They constantly remind me to live in the moment, and enjoy the moment you are living. They are my heroes!

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