Thursday, August 23, 2012

Horses and Haircuts

Antalya has just completed her summer riding lessons. It's been a great experience for her, and I'm hoping we are able to do another session sometime in the near future.

Although there are many places near us that offer riding lessons, we opted to drive the extra distance to the National Ability Center since we had such an amazing experience with them last winter with Antalya's ski lessons (and did I mention they have scholarships available to help cover some or all of the cost?).

At each lesson, before she could mount her horse, she had to brush her, clean out her hooves, help get the reins and saddle, and lead the horse around the arena. I love that they teach about the whole experience, and make the kids participate in caring for the horse.

Once her horse was all ready Antalya would go for a short trail ride with her horse. She had to tell it when it to go, "walk on", and when to stop, "whoa", and listen for prompts to turn left or right.

On a completely different note, Victoria decided to give herself and Antalya haircuts on Sunday while I was busy doing the dishes. When she was finished she came to show me. She was so proud of herself that it helped distill most of my anger. Luckily she just cut a few inches from Antalya's hair, who is now sporting a cute little bob cut (pictures coming soon). But on her own hair, she had cut it clear to the scalp in several locations, and completely butchered everything on top from ear to ear. It was a true mullet! She is now sporting a modern chic look. I still think she is completely adorable, and in some ways, the short hair shows off her dark eyes more.


Kristie said...

The dreaded self haircut! She is adorable. Jacie still gets into my hair cutting scissors and gives herself one every now and then.
Cute girls!

F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

Love the horse riding do we get in on that??!! :) Your little princess is adorable, short hair and all!

Stuart and Sarah said...

I am terrified of this day when my little one decides to give herself a hair cut. Victoria looks just adorable with her new do. She did quite a fabulous job on her own hair!