Thursday, June 26, 2014

On Equal Ground

Growing up, I knew a handle of people with swimming pools, but in Utah, I always felt like a swimming pool was very much a status symbol. I'm not into status symbols of any kind, so never imagined I would ever have our very own pool.

Last fall we made a move to the desert. Jason insisted that any home we consider have a pool. Boy, am I glad he did!

When it's 100+ every day there's not much else to do but jump in and cool off. We're in our pool usually twice a day, every day.

Spending so much time in the pool, has made me incredibly grateful for having one, not just so we can cool off, but because I have come to realize that it is the only activity that puts Antalya on equal ground with any other child. She can interact in a positive way, for a long duration of time with boys and girls of any age and ability.


I might insist of a pool wherever we live from now on.

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