Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I'm In...

Happy October! This month is National Down Syndrome Awareness month. It's been several years since I've participated in the 31 for 21 challenge (a blogpost every day all month long in support of Down Syndrome). Too, be honest, when I woke up and realized October had begun, and remembered about the 31 for 21 challenge, I dismissed the notion as quickly as it came.

But as I dropped my 5 year old off at Kindergarten and headed home I started asking myself if there was any value in making a return to the Down syndrome blogging world. I don't currently participate actively in any Down syndrome organization or support group. And to be honest, I don't think Down syndrome affects much of my everyday life. Sure, my daughter has Down syndrome, but it isn't who she is. So why make a big deal about it?

But then I thought of the many hours, days, weeks, and months I spent searching and reading blog upon blog upon blog about the daily lives of kids with Down syndrome. Back when my head was still spinning from the knowledge that the baby growing inside me had a life changing diagnosis. I was so thirsty for information, but not the kind doctors could offer. I wasn't interested in life expectancy and statistics. I wanted to know what it really meant to have a child with Down syndrome. I wanted to see what the kids looked like, I wanted to know they were loved, I wanted to know they were happy. I wanted to read about kids learning to ride bikes and reading. I wanted to see little girls who loved to dance. I wanted to read about their first day of school. I wanted to know that there were countless other parents out there that had been through what I was then going through, and found their way through to the other side.

So, today, I decided to write. I write for those who are just beginning their journey…Or who are wondering if they should. I write for those whose hearts are still overflowing with emotion when they hear the words "Down syndrome". I write for those who need assurance that loving someone with Down syndrome is a wonderful, life changing experience.

 Count us in on the 31 for 21 challenge. It feels good to be back!


Sadie said...

As a mom just starting this journey with my 5 month old daughter, I can attest to how helpful (and hopeful!) it is to get insights from families further down the road of raising a child with Down syndrome. Thank you for writing! I blog, and thought of participating, but don't think I'll find the time this year. I can't wait to check out all the posts from those writing throughout the month, to inspire me for actively participating next year :)

Michelle said...

I'm glad you decided to participate and start blogging again!

Brynn Stringham said...

I am SO thrilled. I so miss your posts. You are such a wonderful example to me. I love you!