Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Visit to the Doctor's Office

After three weeks of non-stop congestion and runny nose we finally headed to the doctor's. I know I should have gone sooner, but I kept thinking she would get better, and I hate long waits at the office. The doc gave Antalya a prescription for Augmentin. He said we might need to do 21 days of it to get rid of the cold because she has had it so long. She also got a steriod shot, because she has been struggling to breathe the last week. Good news? Her iron levels are up and we can stop taking the iron supplement. Poor Antalya. This has been one rough summer for her. Her last cold hit at the beginning of summer and lasted for over a month, only to be replaced by the flu. The throwing up stopped after a few days, but was then replaced with a week and half of diarahera. As soon as we got that cleared up, this last cold hit. Hopefully things will get better for her. She was so brave today, and barely cried when they gave her her shot. That's my girl! :)

I went to Lillian's viewing today with another T21 mom. She looked just like a porcelain doll lying there. She is so beautiful. I am sorry Antalya will never get the chance to play with her, but I am happy that she is now free from the pain, struggles, and constraints of her body. To all who have little babies, give them an extra squeeze today! Isn't it amazing how much a little baby can teach us old people in such a short time. On that same subject check out this video.
99 Balloons
Our children don't need to grow up and change the world (in the worldly sense), just being themselves and doing their best everyday can change the world.


Sonja said...

I hope Antalya gets better soon! Thanks for sharing the "99 balloons" video.

Becky & Joseph said...

That was such a beautiful video! It seriously made me cry!

Jan said...

Reading and viewing the pictures you've posted on this super cool blog has been so much fun. Of course the pictures of our angelic little granddaughter are adorable, but the entries you've made are wonderful, too. You are an amazing writer! I started tearing up at the first line and didn't stop until the end. The video, "99 Balloons" was very inspiring and touching. Thanks for sharing!!! Love you all!