Thursday, August 16, 2007

My good friend Christine is moving to Turkey. Today was our last little outing together. We took a picnic and headed to the park for some fresh air. Antalya even gave up her nap happily to play on the blanket with Atticus, Shermy, and Cinnci. We live in a college town; people in our neighborhood are constantly moving in and out. I have grown accustomed to it in the two years we have been here. Yet this move of our friends strikes my husband and I a little more poignantly. When we moved here it was kind of the unspoken agreement that within the year we would move somewhere abroad to begin our adventures overseas before we became too settled. Needless to say, one decision led to another and now - here we are - with committments that will keep us here another two years. It's funny how life always has a way of changing things. I'm glad that I learned early that life is not some destination we are trying to reach, but rather a journey with many twists and turns along the way. I am so thankful for the journeys of life that lead us to good friends. And even though our paths cross for only a short time, the friendship lasts much longer. I wish my friend many good travels on her new adventure with her family. Hopefully in another time and place we can meet again for another picnic at the park.
Antalya, Atticus, Shermy, Cinnci
Playmates Cinnci and Antalya

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