Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Tribute - Aunt Deane

Monday I had the blessing of attending the funeral of my great-aunt Deane. What a incredible woman; what an incredible life she lived. She never married nor had children of her own, yet she was never alone. She was like a mother to my mom, and a grandma to all of us children. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of visiting Aunt Deane on Thanksgiving. She would always spoil us with great cooking and love.

Here are some of the things that will always remind me of her:
Macaroni and Cheese with hotdogs
Seeing my drawings hanging on her fridge (I imagine some of them are still there)
Making houses and boats out of popsicle sticks
Cream on cold cereal for breakfast
'Little Miss' books
The organ (she was an exceptional organists)
Playing with milk lids
$2 bills on Valentines Day

The last time I saw Aunt Deane was nearly two years ago. Here is a picture of our visit then. I love you Aunt Deane and will miss you! Thank you for your example of love and a life a selfless serving.


Jan said...

I love to read your blog! This entry about Aunt Deane made me smile and brought tears to my eyes all at the same time. I'm so glad you and Jason took the time to go see her, and even took a picture of her. It's probably the last picture that has been taken of her. It meant a lot to me, and I'm sure to Aunt Deane, too, that you guys would take the time to drive to Monroe (even in the storm) for her funeral. Your words of tribute at the funeral were so beautiful. I think you made a profound statement when you said that she made you realize how important family is. She loved ALL of us with all her heart. And I love you!!!! You're an amazing woman. I feel very blessed to be your mom.

Linnea said...

What a wonderful tribute to a woman I never knew but feel closer to after having read your comments. It is such a blessing to have recorded some of her qualities so that your children will know her as you have.