Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Plum Picking

Tonight we went plum picking so we can make plum jam later this week. Antalya had a great time and even let me get a good shot of her with my camera. It seems like a while since I've gotten a good picture. Did you know this cute little face will be 2 years old in less than two weeks?


Tara said...

I could totally go for some plum jam right now :)
Antalya looks beautiful in that picture!

Laura said...

Antalya is looking like such a big girl. Sorry to hear she's not feeling well....we'll be praying for her.

One question, when is her birthday? Jonathan's birthday is Oct. 9th...I think it's really neat they have birthdays in Oct. Down Syndrome month :)

Tash said...

She looks so grown up! You did a great job taking such a wonderful picture!

Jan said...

What a darling picture of beautiful Antalya! Good job!
So sorry she's sick again . . . Hope you all can get a good night's sleep tonight. We'll pray the medicine takes effect quickly. (You're such a good mom)

Michelle said...

what a gorgeous picture!