Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No More Excuses - Challenge #1

Back in September I ran my first marathon. I had never considered myself a runner, and even up until the day before the race insisted that I was not a runner, but was only doing it to accomplish a goal. Once I crossed the finished line I planned to take a long break from running.

Somehow crossing the finish line that day and the weeks and months that have followed have convinced me otherwise. Every time I see someone out running I feel an urge to stop my car and start running. I have missed hitting the open pavement more than I ever would've guessed. Yet even with the overwhelming feeling I have had to hit the pavement and start running again I had been out once since the marathon months ago. You might be asking "Why? If you love running so much why don't you go out and do it?"

Remember in my last post how I regretfully admitted my enhanced ability at excuse making? Yeah, I have a list a mile long of silly reasons why I don't get out and run. Most of my excuses have been that's it's cold, it's icy, I'm pregnant, the mornings are so dark, it's so hard to get out of my warm bed, did I mention it's COLD!!!

Well, with my determination to stop making excuses for myself I knew I would have to find a way to start running again. I've found a way to make it work! The university has an indoor track a mile from my home that is free to the public in the mornings. I have committed to getting up extra early three mornings a week and hitting the track. I'm so excited!

For the first time in quite awhile I feel like I am taking the initiative in my life to make some changes I have been wanting to make. It feels so good to know I am starting to progress in a direction rather than being stagnant. If you've been feeling stuck in a rut, go tackle one of the small things on your list - you'll feel so good for doing it!


Strawberry Girl said...

Good for you, I like the idea.


Stuart and Sarah said...

Sunny you are human. I can think of a million reasons why I don't want to run and the top are: 1-It is too dark and I live it scary town 2-It is winter and so cold.
Yeah for finding someone place inside to run. You will do great and feel that runner's high soon!

Debbie said...

How exciting!