Saturday, March 7, 2009


Antalya always answers every question with "NO!". Or at least she did until last night. Here's the conversation I had with her when I returned from being gone for about an hour and found the house torn apart.

Me: Wow! It looks like you were a little tornado while I was gone.
Antalya: No.
Me: Oh. So did a real tornado come through the house?
Antalya: Ya. (with a huge grin because she knew she was giving an unusual response)
Me: Was it really scary?
Antalya: Ya.
Me: Did Daddy protect you?
Antalya: Ya. Daddy. (as she points to Daddy)


Strawberry Girl said...

I can hear my daughter downstairs, pushing around a plastic toy container and talking to herself. I better check it out!! I get worried when I hear; silence, gleeful maniacial laughter, the sound of something being thrown, accompanied by maniacial laughter.


I love your conversation with her. A lot of times when I ask "Who made this mess?" Roxie will say, "Roxie did it!" With a proud voice, stinker.

Jeff and Lisa said...

I stumbled across your blog today and of course had to read it due the bond we have.....

She is adorable! If you ever to want to vent to someone who "gets it" email me at

a friend,

Sonja said...

Love it!

Strawberry Girl said...

Hi there!! I just recieved the fabulous blog award and felt that your blog deserves recognition as well. You can get the award from my blog. :0)

Tammy said...


Come and link your blog up at 5 Minutes for Special!