Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - The Way of the Brits

We have been in England for over two months now. Boy, how time flies. To commemorate the two month mark I thought I would post 13 of my favorite things about living in London.

1. Groceries delivered to your door (this means I don't have to carry them up the two flights of stairs).
2. Curry, curry, curry!
3. All the packages of cigarettes say in big letters "SMOKING KILLS"
4. The way Antalya says "choo-choo" whenever a double decker bus passes us.
5. You never have to wait more than about 30 seconds for a walking signal at a cross walk.
6. Round-abouts - they really speed traffic up, instead of waiting at traffic light after traffic light, you just yield to the cars on your right.
7. The Open Door program for children with special needs. Twice a week I can go for two hours and the staff entertain Antalya so I have a chance to visit with the other parents.
8. Tea and biscuits
9. Foot paths that cut through the winding roads to make your journey on foot shorter than it would normally be. And they have fun names like "Lover's Walk".
10. Zebra crossings! Every time we use one to cross the street I watch for zebras. I haven't seen one yet :)
11. Ready made curry sold in jars like spaghetti sauce at the store. All I do is add some chicken and we have dinner made.
12. Rhyme Time at the library.
15. See-saws at the playgrounds (why have these disappeared in the states?)


Becky J. said...

Sunny, that sounds so quaint and wonderful! I'm sure the way I've pictured it has transported you back to the London of the 1800's or something rather than 2009, but it just sounds magical. I hope you're loving your time there.

Layla said...

I saw Lover's Walk and it made my heart melt. I wish I had taken a photo!

Anonymous said...

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Dubai Young Women said...

i love the curry in the jar. I was never able to figure out how to make it before and its made my life sooo much easier.

i'm glad you are enjoying london. there are so many great things about living there.