Sunday, November 1, 2009


I wasn't expecting to celebrate Halloween this year. But when we arrived in London the first of September I was surprised to find a small Halloween section in the grocery stores selling costumes, chocolate eyeballs, and spider webs to hang in your home. Retail marketing experts saw a great money making opportunity and started selling Halloween to the Brits about 20 years ago or so. Not everyone gets into it. But I saw about 60 trick-or-treaters out last night.

Thanks to a nasty cold bug that we have been waging war with all week, it wasn't quite the evening I had planned. Antalya had a fever Friday night and woke up miserable Saturday morning. We didn't want to change all our plans, so Jason stayed home with our sick little fairy, and the little kitty and I headed to a Halloween get together at a friends house. We had a great time but missed Jason and Antalya.

Here's my Halloween cuties:halloween

And for any who think Antalya is always all smiles, here's this one (I love the matching expressions on their faces):enuf


Becky J. said...

Those are the cutest pics! What darling girls they both are. I'm glad that you still got to celebrate Halloween this year, too.

And as for your last post, I wish I could figure out how to get my girls to understand what "no" means, too! Even though they both love to say it to me all the time, neither one seems to get it when I say it to them. (sigh) Doncha just love being a parent sometimes? :) Good luck with that with Antalya!

Sonja said...

Oh too funny. The matching expressions, I mean. It looks so familiar.

I hope everyone is feeling better soon! I'm glad you had fun with Victoria.

Stuart and Sarah said...

I love the costumes. I was wondering if the Brits celebrate Halloween, and you answered it for me.

ParkerMama said...

My first Halloween in Germany I bought the usual ton of candy........with not a trick or treat'er to be seen. It made me sooo homesick!

Your girls are gorgeous!

Strawberry Girl said...

hehe, yes the expressions are similar... ;)

Interesting Brit fact there, reluctant embracing of the holiday... hehe yeah I can see where that one sprouted in marketers heads...

At least you had a fun Halloween party to go to... too bad Antalya was feeling sick :(

Brittany said...

Awww, you guys are sick over there too? It seems like a ton of people had the sickness during Halloween. :( Hope Antalya is feeling better.