Monday, February 15, 2010


IMG_0005My little Victoria is 7 months old! She is the happiest little baby (except when Mom walks out of her line of sight), and it seemed that little girls everywhere are drawn to her (I think this is mostly due to the fact that there just aren't tons of babies in big, crowded cities like London). She has a huge smile for anyone that looks her way - whether family, friend, or stranger.

She is so interested in everything - especially anything that her big sister finds interesting. She watches her so intently and refuses to be involved in any activity that takes her attention away from her sister. I learned early on that trying to feed this girl when Antalya was anywhere within eyesight or earshot was a completely useless cause - no matter how hungry she was.

She is a little mover. As soon as she was strong enough to hold her head up, she transformed from a little cuddly baby to a wiggle worm that is almost impossible to hold on to. And when you set her down on the floor - she takes off with her commando crawl. Watch out world - this little one is going to be a go-getter!

And did I mention her complete dislike of sleeping! I have finally accepted the fact that this little peanut just doesn't need as much sleep as her sister. She takes 3 short power naps a day (ranging from 20-45 minutes), and then about two 5 hr junks at night. She is teaching me that I don't need as much sleep as I once thought I did.

I sure love my little Baby TreeTree! (the nickname Jason came up with when she was born - at the time "tree" was Antalya's favorite word, and we are years away from her pronouncing "Victoria"). Life just wouldn't be as fun without her!IMG_6796


Jan said...

What a charmer!! . . .and she looks SO GOOD in glasses!

The Jerman Family said...

Your girls are so big and just ADORABLE!! We miss you guys

The Munck Family said...

That smile is so cute!

What a blessing she is...sleep or not:)

Michelle said...

She's stunning! sorry about those sleeping habits though!

Sonja said...

It's so fun to see their personalities develop! She's a doll. Great pictures!