Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lera Needs a Family

I have always wanted to adopt a child - since as long as I can remember. After Antalya was born I remember hearing a special on NPR about orphaned children with special needs in Russia and how it broke my heart to hear about the way they are treated.

About that same time I discovered Reece's Rainbow. An organization that helps facilitate the adoption of children with special needs (particularly children with Down syndrome) throughout the world. Occasionally I check the site and look through the photos of all the children waiting for someone to step up and love them, and provide a home for them. Several months ago I spotted this girl and my heart melted. I wanted her to be in our family. But unfortunately, due to our lack of income (living the student life) we don't qualify to adopt.

That's where I need you to help. Once children turn 5 years old they must leave the orphanage and are sent to an institution, where in most cases, death will occur a short time later due to lack of care, attention, love, and the necessities of life. Lera is turning 5 in just a few short months - and she needs a family NOW! My heart is going to break if she doesn't find a family that will love her, and cuddle her, and help her reach her potential. Will you help spread the word to find her family?

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Jan said...

I looked at the long list of sweet little faces who have NO family and no future without one, and I feel sick at heart and can't stop crying. . .What can I do????

Linnea said...

I would love to provide a foster home for her until you return from London and could adopt her into your own family. Would they look at our 9 children and think us crazy?