Friday, April 30, 2010

Nap Time

A few weeks ago Antalya started really fighting nap time. She would be exhausted, but just unable to unwind enough to fall asleep. The girls have always napped at the same time during the afternoon so I have an hour to clean up lunch, get dinner figured out, and spend a little time on the computer. For a couple weeks it seemed that by the time I finally got Antalya asleep, Victoria was waking up. Something needed to be done.

The solution presented itself almost on accident about a week ago. When it's nap time, I turn on an episode of Sesame Street, put some pillows and a blanket on the couch, tell Antalya it's time to go night-night, then I close the door and go feed Victoria. Thirty minutes later when Victoria is sleeping soundly in her bed, and I have cleaned up lunch, I come back to check on Antalya and this is what I find:It amazes me how Antalya can look so grown up and "un-baby" like when awake, and then as soon as she is asleep all I can see is my little baby girl.

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Catherine Anne said...

What a beautiful photo of your little one~