Thursday, December 2, 2010

To the Doctor, Or Not?

The freezing temps and snow haven't cleared yet, and neither has Antalya's cold. She seems to be getting worse. Under normal circumstances I would head to the doctor, but considering the following I'm opting to stay home and wait this one out.
1. Did I mention it's below freezing outside? It's the kind of cold that I didn't for some reason I didn't expect to find in London.
2. Our car has been parked outside the house for two weeks now. I think the starter is finally out.
3. With no car, it leaves us the option of walking 20 minutes each way. I don't mind, but not sure it would be too good for the feverish, snot blowing, coughing little girl by my side.
4. But really, all of that seems very mild in comparison to what happens once we step foot in the door to the doctor's office. Complete fear overtakes Antalya, to the point that I'm always afraid all the screaming and thrashing on the floor will lead her to hyperventilate and pass out. I'd rather she use her energy to get better.
So, we are home! And doing our best to fight the boredom that inevitably ensues. Anyone have any good ideas of games to play with a 1 yr old and a 4 yr old?


Anonymous said...

I'm sending lots and lots of well wishes for your sweet Antalya!

Sunny, to help Gabe overcome his fear of the dentist, we watched dental videos on YouTube. I know this may sound strange but it worked. In only two visits with six months in between them, Gabe went from not allowing the hygienist count his teeth to actually allowing her to scrape and floss them! I really credit the videos we watched. Maybe there are videos on YT that might help ease Antalya?

Perhaps storybooks from the library about doctor visits might help Antalya?

At any rate, I'm hoping that things turn around soon for her!!!


Monica said... there's nothing worse that sick kids. I hope she gets better real soon!

Linnea said...

My 5- and 2-year-olds love to "make pictures." Crayons, pens, paints - it doesn't matter the medium. We go through reams of paper but it keeps them happy. (And you can always put the pics in the post for grandmas and grandpas to treasure.)
Hope Antalya feels better soon.