Monday, April 25, 2011

When Nature Calls

We've done it! Antalya is officially diaper free during waking hours. Can I get a big "hooray"! That doesn't mean she completely accident free, but we're getting there.

Tonight we all headed to the park to feed the ducks.
After the ducks got their fill, we headed to the playground. For those of you who haven't experienced an English park, they are huge! This particular park has several ponds, a playground, tennis courts, soccer field, etc, etc.

So while we are at the playground, Antalya makes it known that she needs to pee. I have no idea where the toilets are, so I quickly pick her up and all four of us start walking over the entire park trying to find a toilet for Antalya so that she will understand that there are toilets in places other than at home.

After 10 minutes of searching, we admit defeat and find a little secluded area with some bushes to hide behind. I help her take her pants off and try to get her to pee in the bushes. She of course has a different idea and runs out, half naked, onto the grass, sits down, and takes care of business.

I'm proud of her for not having an accident in her pants. But now I can just see her every time she needs to pee, thinking she can pull down her pants and sit on the grass and do it. I think I better warn her teacher at school just in case she tries to do it school.


Kristie said...

This makes me laugh, because that is what Jacie did last summer when she was outside. It was just ok to pull your pants down and go on the grass rather than go in the house to find a toilet. Good luck with that. But hey, she is doing it!

Amy Flege said...

:) love this story!! my oldest son used to pee on trees :)

dennisandsong said...

Congratulations!! Such a great accomplishment! All my kids have had issues with going potty in wrong places! But slowly they figure it out. Congratulations again!

Jan said...

ha haha hha haha! What a cute and funny story . . That's our girl! I love her sense of complete abandon!
. . .and she'll get it right really soon, I predict!