Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Since easter egg hunts aren't a common thing here in England, we decided to head to a park on Saturday morning and create our own. The girls played while Jason hid some eggs in a small area (I'm sure those who saw him thought it was really strange). This was Victoria's first egg hunt, but she quickly caught on.

After they had their fill of candy, Antalya was excited to do some climbing,

and Victoria is always happy when she can find some ducks to chase.

On Easter morning, Antalya was super excited when she realized there was more chocolate to be had!
And Victoria couldn't believe there was bubbles in her easter basket.

Although all the candy and egg hunts are fun and make it memorable for the girls, it was pondering on the true meaning behind the celebrations that made this a memorable Easter for me. There is something about getting older that makes eternal truths more meaningful to me. I am incredibly grateful for Jesus Christ, for his sacrifice and atonement, and for conquering death that we might all live again!

Happy Easter!

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