Friday, March 2, 2012

First Day on the Slopes

Antalya resists things she doesn't understand.
Especially if that something involves anything else touching her, or any stranger talking to her. 
This is why we continue to struggle with things such as band-aids, visits to the doctor, and her hair pulled back in a ponytail.
So when it comes to new experiences, we try to expose her to as much of the new experience we can before the actual experience.

Next week Antalya will have her first ski lesson at the National Ability Center.
We really, really, really want this to be a positive experience! 
Jason and I enjoy skiing, and it would be so great if this were something that we could do as a family. 
And it's right up her alley - Antalya loves speed, loves being outside, and loves anything she can control herself. 
So to get her ready for her first experience, we decided to take the girls to a local ski resort, watch the skiers, and have a picnic. 

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. 
Fresh snow, the sun shining, and blue sky. 
ski slope

We took time to point out the big boots, the tall skis, the helmet, the gloves, the coats, etc.
And then watched as the skiers young and old came down the hill and then stopped. 

After our picnic, we decided it wouldn't hurt to ask if we could hop on the lift since there were no lines.
They said yes!
Picnik collage

Watching the skiers whiz down the slope from way up high on the chair lift was perfect.
The girls love it!
It was a completely free family activity.
And hopefully when next Saturday rolls around and a stranger is trying to fit Antalya with a pair of skies, she will remember how much fun we had on our "ski picnic" and be happy to go along with the flow of things.


kristi said...

Awww that looks fun!

Jeana said...

What a great idea! Can't wait to hear how the day on the slopes go! Good luck, hope she has a blast.

Runningmama said...

I will be anxious to hear how it goes, my husband and I really enjoy skiiing and are hoping we can get Emily out there with us one day, I often wonder if her low tone will make it much more difficult to ski...but we will give it a whirl anyway :-) I hope it goes really well for Antalya!