Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Tooth Fairy

I was fixing breakfast when I happened to glance over at Antalya who had her hand in her mouth, and a sudden look of fear on her face.
I knew what was happening before I even looked in her mouth.
I admit, my first impulse was to panic. And I did for a minute.

But then, my first born surprised me (as she usually does).
She got excited about that little wobbly tooth in her mouth and couldn't stop playing with it.
And for three days she proudly showed everyone her loose tooth.

And then as we were getting ready for bed, and Antalya was practicing her singing in the bathroom mirror, the little thing popped right out.
She stopped singing just long enough to reach in, pull it out, flash me a smile, and hand the tooth to me.
Then she was right back to her singing, as if something huge hadn't just happened.

I tried to explain the Tooth Fairy.
Antalya wasn't interested at all, but Victoria got excited thinking Abby Cadabby (the fairy from Sesame Street) was coming to their room that night.

The Tooth Fairy came.
Antalya did really care.
But Victoria still talks about when Abby Cadabby came to their room and took Antalya's tooth and brought her some money.

And now, (even with a dirty face) Antalya has just climbed at least ten notches on the cutest scale!


Sonja said...

Holy buckets! You are right. Ten notches up. (As if she could get any cuter!) First visit from the tooth fairy is such a fun thing!

'Becca said...

William lost his first this month. I think he probably swallowed it. :)