Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quick Tour of States

As promised - here is an update of the last few weeks. I flew to New York two weeks ago. It was so great having five hours on the plane all to myself. It was so difficult to decide whether to read a book, take a nap, or watch TV, so I did a little of them all. I love going to New York because two of my best friends live in Manhattan. We had a baking night together, and just had fun hanging out. The next day my friend Caroline from Santiago, Chile flew to New York. This was going to be her first visit to the states. We then had 48 hours to see the city. We saw "The Color Purple" on Broadway, took the ferry to the statue of Liberty, rode to the top of the Empire State Building, took a bicycle tour of Central Park, got stuck in a blizzard, and saw a few more sites. It was a great time, but OH SO COLD!!!

After the 48 hours were up we hopped on another plane and headed to Memphis, TN - Home to the King of Rock 'n Roll. This time we had even less than two days to see the sites. We stayed with my cousin and her family. It was so great to see her and meet her two cute kids! Our first site-seeing stop was Sun Studio Records. This is the studio were many greats recorded their first albums, including BB King, Elvis, and Johnny Cash. If you ever go to Memphis, be sure not to miss this one. It was a fantastic tour! After a good southern lunch on Beale Street (birth place of the blues) we headed to Graceland - Elvis' home. After paying a small fortune to get in, we were able to tour his mansion, the grounds, his two airplanes, his car collection, and his collection of jumpsuits (the jumpsuits were my favorite). I must admit, I've never been an Elvis fan; but by the time we left Graceland, I think a new fan had been born.

We returned to Utah for a couple days of sightseeing in Salt Lake. Then we hopped in the car for a short roadtrip. We went to St George, Las Vegas, and Zion National Park. Caroline is know spending a couple days in San Francisco. When she returns tomorrow we will have one more week to do the rest of the things on our lists; including a Utah Jazz basketball game, skiing, Olympic Park, museums, and some shopping. I hope we can all keep our energy up for the last week of our marathon month of traveling.






Jill Hunt said...

Looks like a very fun trip! Sorry you guys are sick. We have that here too.

Meridith said...

How fun is that Sunny, except for being sick... especially when both the parents and child aren't feeling well. Hopefully, your getting some more rest.

Carly said...

Sunny, sounds like a blast!We have never been to New York, it's on our list. But Mike & I did hit Memphis a year ago and really enjoyed it. We did the Gibson Guitar Tour and the Rock and Soul Museum which we loved. We didn't do The Sun Studios or Graceland, we figured we;d be back so I guess we will hit those next time. We did visit Beale St. too. Anyway, sounds fun glad you are well. Carly Martin

ahalversen (DBA) said...

How FUN! Reading about your trip and seeing your pictures makes me want to travel even more! I've got a bug and it won't go away. I'm glad you got to have some time away and had such a great time with even more to come!