Thursday, August 21, 2008

Surgery Cancelled

The last couple days Antalya has been feeling so much better. Except for her runny nose and congestion you would never know she had been sick. We got all the last minutes things together yesterday afternoon, so that we would be ready to go this morning at whatever hour the surgery was scheduled for. 

Around 3:00pm yesterday I finally got the call from surgery to let us know the instructions for this morning, and what time to check-in at the hospital. During the course of that call of course they have to ask for a complete medical history - which included the fact that a week ago she had a fever of 103, and that she has been on antibiotics for a week. I told her she is looking good, and just has a little congestion left. Big mistake! She kind of freeks out and explains that it is very possible the anesthesiologist will not want to reschedule the surgery. Sounds fair enough - and I'm thinking we will just take a chance and hope she looks good enough for surgery. That is until she informs me that if we check-in for surgery and then the doctors decide she is not healthy enough and cancel it, then we must pay a $250 charge. 

I did the only 2 things I could think of. First I call my grandpa who happens to be a retired anesthesiologist to get his opinion of the situation, and second I called up our pediatrician to get another opinion on Antalya's health. 

It was decided that her chest sounds clear, but it looks like she has a sinus infection. Our doctor was nice enough to call the ENT office and get a yes or no answer on surgery. The surgeon was contacted and he said it was a NO!

Of course as luck would have it, this morning Antalya woke up with her nose completely clear and clean. I really do think she is just about has healthy as she gets, the problem is that she is so rarely completely healthy - thus the whole reason she needs the surgery in the first place. 

Anyways, whatever my feelings may be - what's done is done, and there is no way to reschedule for the surgery for today. I'm still waiting to get in touch with someone to reschedule. Unless they can squeeze us in sometime during the next two weeks, I think it will have to be put off until the later part of October. 


Laura said...

UGH!!! I know it's hard when you know how much it's needed and will help. We'll still be praying she stays well, and you don't have to wait until October.

Sheridan said...

Bummer! I hope she can get in sooner and stays healthy and well in the meantime! Love ya!

Sonja said...

Dang! I'm so sorry. It's a catch 22. I'm glad that Antalya is feeling better, though. I hope you can reschedule the surgery soon!