Monday, August 4, 2008

Catch Up

We've had a busy weekend. Here are some of what has gone on:

1. Our water is back on. Hooray!

2. Antalya is walking all the time. We are so thrilled. As her church nursery teacher told me yesterday, "The only time she crawled was when she crawled across the table to steal someone's cookie." We are so grateful that she is doing so well, and has such a determination to learn new things.

3. I went to my 10 year high school reunion. Although it was fun to see a couple people that I have lost touch with, this was the first and will be the last reunion I attend. I had hopes that it would be different from my expectations, but in the end it was everything I was expecting it to be (which wasn't much)!

4. Antalya spent the weekend with Gramma and Grampa. She had such a fun time. Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help!

5. I am running a marathon next month. Yes, I know it is one of the more insane ideas I have had lately. Saturday was my longest run yet - 19 miles. It was just as miserable as it sounds. Thanks Sarah and Liz for keeping me company through the pain. I'd like to say I enjoyed it, but that would really be a lie :) But it was great to spend time with you. And Sarah, just think - in a few more weeks it will all be over. Yeah!

6. Antalya had a very unsuccessful sleep study. She wouldn't let us cover her in all the wires while she was awake, so we waited until she fell asleep. Imagine trying to attach about 20 wires from head to toe, plus oxygen, plus sat monitors - all to a sleeping toddler. I'm sure you can guess what happened. She woke up half through the process terrified and hysterical. I think I would have had the same reaction were I to wake up to wires covering my body and a stranger trying to put more wires on me. So at 10:30pm we admitted defeat and headed to my parents house for some sleep.


Laura said...

Glad to her Miss Antalya is doing so well walking..YAY! Sorry to hear about the sleep study, I think it's scary too. Jonathan didn't like it at do they think you could get any sleep in all that mess of wires? Hope the kitchen is coming along. Way to go on the running, looking forward to hearing about the marathon :)

Stuart and Sarah said...

It was so good to have you on the run and to catch up. You have NOTHING to worry about when you run the marathon. You are goind to do so great! Let me know about the Spanish Fork 1/2 if you want to do it or not

Lisa (Espanish for "Lisa") said...

You guys have been so busy! I'm sorry Antalya's sleep study didn't go well. Her reaction is more than understandable! It's too bad they don't have a way to monitor all that stuff wirelessly.

Hey, I'm excited that you're running a marathon. I'm sure it's not easy. Matt said his longer runs were not very fun. But he also said the marathon itself was an awesome experience...I bet the same will hold true for you. Good luck! You'll do awesome!

Dehner Family said...

Bummer that the reunion stunk. I'm glad I didn't fly out for it.
Good luck with your marathon. The longest I've ran is 13 miles... can't imagine 26. You're my hero.