Friday, September 18, 2009

A Good Day

Today made up for all the hard days we have had in the last several weeks. This morning I talked to an adult at the park. Marta. She's from El Salvador and has lived her since the 70's. She recently retired from 30 years of teaching at a university here. She was at the park with her two year old grandson. I hope our paths cross again.

This afternoon we met some friends of some friends. The are the family that just moved out of our same flat, and are moving to Germany on Monday. She had loads of info about the area to share. Libraries, playgrounds, playgroups, buses, doctors, discount stores - I can't wait to get out and explore somewhere other than the park across the street.

She has a five year old daughter who happily entertained Antalya for several hours while we visited. The highlight came when I heard the two little girls in the bedroom laughing out loud together. It does this momma good to see her girl interacting with another child!

Life is Good!


Sheridan said...

Sunny, I'm gald you had a good day and that Antalya had so much fun! It's fun to see where you're living and what life is like there! Can't wait to visit! *wink*

Sonja said...

Sunny, it was SO good to talk with you. I wish I could hear Antalya laugh! Thank heavens for friends of friends who know all about the area and can give those priceless tips.