Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hang On Baby

Five years ago today I agreed to meet a stranger for lunch. Today that same person is sitting next to me in our recently purchased 1993 turquiose, diesel minivan. There is a constant rattle somewhere in the dash that seems to increase in intensity the faster you drive, the speedometer doesn't work, and the dual sunroof overhead might offer a splash of luxury if it were to function, but it doesn't. I have two beautiful daughters happily along for the ride in the backseat. As we make our way down the heavily congested narrow streets of London my ears are drawn to the lyrics of the cheesy love song playing on the car stereo. "Hang on baby. I'm gonna give you more than you ever dreamt possible." The DJ cuts in during the chorus and with a British accent says, "hope all you ladies out there are enjoying this." the chorus repeats, "Hang on baby. I'm gonna give you more than you ever dreamt possible." I soak it all in. That meeting five years ago has given me much more than I ever dreamt possible.


Michelle said...

Such a sweet post!

Lori Anderson said...

So happy to find your blog. My daughter, Heidi, told me she found your blog on Carly Martin's blog and I can't believe your living in London. And what beautiful little girls! Glad to hear you're having great adventures!