Friday, September 18, 2009

My mom left for home two days ago. She flew over with us and stayed for a full two weeks to help us get settled. Boy was she a life saver to have here. She entertained little girls, cleaned, shopped, changed diapers, read books, played with toys... she did it all and kept everyone happy.

While she was here we did some traveling. We spent several days seeing the sights in London, and then went to Bath, Stratford-on-Avon (the birthplace of Shakespeare), and Warwickshire. Here's some pics from our travels:




Kensington Palace

St Paul's Cathedral


Sonja said...

I. want. to. be. there.

Bunsy said...

How fun! I didn't know that your Mom went with you guys. That must have been nice for you guys. Looks like you saw a lot of great places. You're getting off to a good start!

Alexis 18 said...

wow, those pics are BEAUTIFUL!! Looks like you guys had fun! I always hate it when my mom leaves.

Sheridan said...

I'm with Sonja!!!

The Munck Family said...

AMAZING!!! Loved all the pictures and so happy your mom was so much help! Praying all still is going well.

Michelle said...

great photos! I can just imagine what a big help it was to have your mom there!