Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easy Street

It is an interesting experience having a child with special needs as your first born. Each milestone was anticipated, practiced over and over, and finally reached, at which point there would be lots of celebrating. Many milestones that may have seemed insignificant to parents of "normally developing" children were a BIG DEAL.

Like the first time Antalya passed an object from one hand to the other, the first time she banged two toys together, the first time she clapped her hands, the first time she got into a four-point stance. The list of her accomplishments is huge.

I wanted to be just as excited for Victoria when she reached each of the same milestones, but I'm finding out that it is such a different story. There are no therapists, no goals in writing, no daily strength training sessions. And this little one is learning new things everyday. I can't even keep up with all her new skills, yet alone find time to document and celebrate each little milestone.

Watching the ease with which Victoria learns new things makes me appreciate even more how far Antalya has come. None of the milestones were easy for her - she has worked and continues to work so hard.

While her little sister is living on developmental "Easy Street" for the moment, Antalya continues to remind me that whether a task is easy or hard makes little difference if one is truly determined to learn it.


Runningmama said...

I know what you mean, with Ethan, the milestones just flew by without me even realizing and before I knew it he was walking at 11 months...Emily is 10.5 months and still no where close to crawling, but you are right, I do appreciate each little accomplishment because I know the hard work it has taken her to get there.

Catherine Anne said...

Shes a doll

Megan and family said...

I love this post-great perspective on things! Having a first child with Down syndrome has been a completely different experience than what I was expecting from parenthood. I keep thinking that whenever we have #2, we're going to be shocked by the speed of #2's accomplishments! Thanks for making me think about appreciating the chance to celebrate each and every one of the steps that Gwyneth takes. :)

Michelle said...

completely understand what you mean! Watching Lucas sometimes .. it's just! Things seem sooo easy for him. Anyway, gorgeous pic of your baby girl!

mum2brady said...

I feel the same way - although Brady is my last, rather than my first! Victoria is so gorgeous - I can't believe how big she is - I still think of her as a newborn!!!