Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Individual Education Plan

Her teacher handed it to me yesterday in a brown envelope.

I've been expecting it.

What I wasn't expecting is how it made me feel.

And how the feelings would linger ALL DAY LONG!

Yes, folks, I sadly admit that I walked around most the day yesterday with a pouty face. I know my daughter has Down syndrome. I've know it since before she was born. But for some reason, while I sat and read through her IEP yesterday it was like someone was telling me for the first time that my child has a disability. That my child is delayed. That my child has weaknesses to be improved on.

But like always - Antalya has a way of bringing me back to reality. The sweet reality that is her!

On our way to school this morning she tripped over the speed bump in our apartment complex and skinned her knee. When the kisses and hugs had been given and the tears had stopped, I set her back on her own two feet. And you know what she did? She went back across the speed bump, turned around, gave a quick smile, and then did a perfect replay of how she meant to cross the darn thing in the first place.

And then once at school, the little boy that hung up his coat next to hers quickly put his arm around her when he saw her and walked into class with her. Both with huge grins on their face.

So, really, what does it matter if she is behind in several areas? If she is willing to try again every time she falls, and if there are friends to walk by her side, my little Antalya will accomplish everything she sets her mind to.

Maybe for her next IEP I should make sure it is known that this little one is the best "beanie-wearing, blueberry-pancake-mixing, mommy's-helper" in the whole world!


Jeana said...

Oh I just love this post. I cried, I smiled, I just loved it. Thanks Antalya for reminding us what life's all about and whats important. You are one amazing little girl and when it comes right down to it, being the best beanie wearing, blueberry pancake mixing, mommies helper is just as important as all that other stuff, or even more important!

Bunsy said...


The Munck Family said...

Sorry...those days are tough, and I'm not sure if it matters how many years go by. You still feel the sting. But I think she is perfect and wonderfully made, and part of a wonderful family!

Michelle said...

even when we're ready for those IEPs they can still be hard to take! Loved this post about Antalya's perseverance! and what a cute helper you have in the kitchen!

Sonja said...

I love you.

And Antayla.

Every mother needs to read this.

Catherine Anne said...

She is a beautiful. best beanie wearing, blueberry pancake mixing, mommies helper sent from our Lord. What a blessing.

Matthews Family said...

I love this post and all your posts. Thanks for sharing your personal feelings. It always inspires me.