Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Let Summer Begin

As I type, my parents are packing their last few items into their suitcases and getting ready to head to the airport. They will arrive tomorrow afternoon. And then we are all off to Ireland for a week. I am so excited!

It's a big deal that my parents are coming all the way to England to visit. You see, my dad is deathly afraid of flying over the ocean. My mom has tried to convince him to travel for years and there's always been some reason not to go. But all the excuses in the world couldn't keep him from visiting two of his granddaughters.

I've been telling Antalya for weeks that grandma and papa are going to come stay at our house. I'm not sure she understands what that really means, but when I ask her if she wants papa to come to Antalya's house she gets a big grin and says "YA!" She and my dad have always had some special bond, and I'm excited to see her face when she sees him and my mom at the airport.

Antalya was throwing up over the weekend, seemed better yesterday and is back to throwing up tonight. Whatever bug this is better find a new home quick because starting tomorrow we've got serious summer memories to make!


toni said...

So excited for you. Nothing like having family to help you out. I bet they're tickled to be coming out. Have fun!
BTW, we are in Span F now.

Catherine Anne said...

Happy you hae help. Hope the bug makes its way fast. Have fun with the summer time:)