Thursday, May 27, 2010


I swear these girls of mine were born with magnets that pull the two of them together. Almost every time I turn around either Victoria is chasing Antalya or Antalya is mauling Victoria (which means V usually ends up in tears - but at the same time I think she loves it).

Antalya's new favorite thing is to pick up Victoria and walk with her. It's great fun until she decides she's done which means she simultaneously drops and pushes her to ground.
I feel like I've had to have eyes in the back in my head lately with these two.

Countdown: Only 5 days till "Papa" and "Mama" arrive!


The Munck Family said...

Sisters...nothing better!!! Such a precious picture of "real" life, I'm sure you enjoy saoking up your 2 sweeties:)

Looks like Antayla had a good school year. I have really enjoyed all the pictures you have been sharing of your families life and adventures in a distant land. Hope your having a great week!

Aprilyn said...

As much as you don't want your darling little girls to grow up, it will probably be easier for Victoria to defend herself when she's a bit bigger, huh? ;D They are both darling! Hang in there. I'm glad your parents are coming to visit!!