Monday, January 17, 2011

18 Months

Victoria has turned 18 months.

It's hard to believe that she is the little baby that not so long along I was holding in my arms for the first time.

She keeps me on my toes. Constantly!

If I turn my head for more than a couple minutes, I'm guaranteed a big mess to clean up.

This morning it was my favorite lipstick.


She doesn't sit still for a moment.

Not even when she is eating.


We gave up on the booster seat when she finally decided she would rather starve than have a safety restraint on her at the table.

She loves to climb.

In fact, there is rarely a day that she doesn't have a bump or bruise on her head.


She is fearless. If she falls, she hops right back up to attempt the same death defying feat once more.

She loves following along with new ideas Antalya comes up.


It's take her awhile, but she finally has hair.


She loves putting anything and everything in it.

This includes mousse, yogurt, lotion, soup, spaghetti, shampoo, etc.

She loves High School Musical almost as much as her sister.

She hates wearing clothes and a diaper.

She keeps me smiling and laughing every day.

She is blessing and a joy to have in our family.

I love you, My LIttle TriTri!


The Munck Family said...

Wow, Hard to believe she is that old! She is just precious, and sounds like a bundle of energy. It will be wonderful to watch her grow and find out one day where she channels that energy!

Anonymous said...

What a little character!!

Dehner Family said...

SO CUTE! I love the picture of the girls in the bath and all the toys on the floor. I can sooo relate. You guys are adorable.

Becky J. said...

Wow, if I hadn't read Victoria's name I would have thought you were writing about Avery! You described her to a "T". Must be a second child thing! Good luck to us both!

Sheridan said...

She's so cute! Time flies, doesn't it?