Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why Sisters Are Great, Reason #752

Victoria was sitting on my lap. Antalya was supposed to be eating her breakfast, but instead was pestering Victoria.

ME: "Antalya, go eat your egg, please."
ANTALYA: nothing
ME: "Antalya, go eat your egg, please."
ANTALYA: turns her head, places her finger on my lips and says, "No. Listen to me." (the 'listen to me' wasn't completely clear, but I knew that was what she was attempting to say).
Then she turned to Victoria and says, "Baby.....babblebabblebabble.....muppets?"
She then waits for a response, and when Victoria doesn't give one, she answers for her, "Ya." "OK."
Turning back to me, "Mommy, baby...muppets!"
ME: "Oh, Victoria wants to watch muppets?"


Jan said...

So cute!

The Munck Family said...

How sweet!!! Sisterly love;)

Anonymous said...

Sisters know!!! ♥

k9 said...

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