Friday, January 28, 2011

Success Comes in All Shades

I've mentioned several times on this blog that Antalya is deathly afraid of doctors. That fear stems from the bigger fear of anyone or anything touching her that is not one of the accepted every day activities that she is used to. I have been working with her a lot lately to try and overcome this. And I am happy to say we are making progess!

Just this week she has made some giant steps. She will now let me look at her ears with a doctor play set and even listen to her heart. We've been working towards this for a year now. It may not seem like such a huge thing - but trust is HUGE!

And an even bigger success was this...
Only once during the painting/drying process did I have to remind her that, 'no, your fingers aren't sick, and no, we are not going to the doctor'. I was so happy when she woke up this morning, looked at her fingers and said, "pretty"!

Success for Victoria these days usually means avoiding any cuts or serious falls. She had a big run in with a chair this week. I'm grateful she came out of it with just a swollen eye.
But, swollen eye, or not, she completely melts my heart!


Sheridan said...

Ouch! That looks painful.

Love Antalya's nails.

dennisandsong said...

Viv went through a horrible phase of hating doctors (she still doesn't particularly enjoy it!) 3 times in a row she totally peed on me before I finally figured out to put her in a pull-up for doctor visits!!! It was totally humilating walking out of the doctors office looking like I peed my pants!!!! She does better now we did the same thing you are doing using doctor kits and playing dentist. Even though she does better, I try to get my husband to take her as often as possible because she still freaks out sometimes. Oh the joys of parenthood!!!

Michelle said...

oh that is a big success to get over the fear and anxiety at a doctor's office - sounds like she's making great progress! She is adorable with those little painted nails!

and poor Victoria! Just looking at her swollen eye makes me cringe :(