Monday, February 21, 2011

More Potty Training

This week is what the English call half-term. It's a week long break you have in the middle of every school term. It's a time when most of London is either vacationing elsewhere or planning daily trips to the museum, zoo, aquarium, etc. with their children.

But for me, it is the week I have been looking forward to as the perfect week to go completely diaper free with Antalya. So while everyone else is out soaking up the rainy weather and wearing themselves out going here and there, we are taking it easy indoors - singing, dancing, baking, playing, reading books, but most importantly, making lots of trips to the potty.
Wish us luck that this will be just what my little cutie needs to finally make the break from diapers!


Sheridan said...

Cute picture. And good luck!

The Munck Family said...

Hope you all have a great week, and praying it goes well!

dennisandsong said...

Don't give up!!! She'll get it.

Alexis 18 said...

good luck! I think your super mom!

Jan said...

I think you're Super Mom, too! Hope Antalya feels motivated to make the break!!