Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Thirteen: Rain, Rain, and More Rain

Our two day dry spell has ended, we are all feeling very under the weather, and I am in need of a little pick-me-up. So today instead of focusing on all I don't like about the rain, I thought I would remind myself of all the reasons I am grateful for the rain.

1. It gives us a reason to pull on our wellies. IMG_1247

2. It gives me memories like this one. _MG_6670

3. It gives us the most beautiful spring flowers. IMG_0704

4. It makes me appreciate sunny, dry days all the more. anv

5. It gives us adventures in the rain. IMG_0840

6. It gives us the beautiful green landscape that I love. IMG_9026

7. It gives us reason to have impromptu picnics whenever the rain clears. IMG_7586

8. It can be a nice backdrop for pictures. IMG_9003

9. It produces mystical scenes such as this one (photo by Sonja). _MG_6681

10. It gives us a reason to stay indoors and make a mess. IMG_9353

11. It gives Antalya's hair the most beautiful natural curls. IMG_9697

12. It gives us a reason to do lots of baking. IMG_9907

13. It gives us puddles to play in. mud2


Jan said...

Way to have a GREAT attitude Sunny!! Thanks for reminding me that all things have their positive consequences if we look for them. You make me want to focus a little more on that positive!

Sheridan said...

I'm sorry you're under the weather (pun intended). I firmly believe that good things happen when it rains - so I fully expect something wonderful to come your way! I hope it comes soon! Love ya!

VMI said...

You put a lot of work into that - amazing photos. And your kids are very cute.

~Lisa said...

This is SO cute! :) I love all your wonderful photos!!!

Sonja said...

oh yay! It was fun to get caught up on your blog, and super fun to remember being there with you! You are an amazing woman and incredible friend. I'm so glad to know you!

Linnea said...

Watching Victoria circle round that puddle makes me wonder if "Ring Around the Rosy" wasn't invented on a rainy day in London... at least she didn't fall down in it! Happy puddle jumping.