Friday, July 22, 2011

Just Like Riding a Bike

While we were living in London, we had a small toddler trike that I would push the girls on inside our small flat. I tried over and over to teach Antalya how to pedal the bike, but it seemed she just couldn't get the alternating motion of it.

Several weeks ago, we were at a friends house when Antalya hopped on a trike and starting pedaling down the street. Once the shock of it wore off, I realized a few tears were trickling down my face. I was so proud of her.

Either this is something she learned at nursery in London and the bike we had at our place was just too small for her to pedal, or it just all happened to click at the right moment when she hopped on the trike. But whatever the case, Antalya can now pedal a bike!

Maybe next summer we'll try a two-wheeled bicycle?!

1 comment:

Adam, Jaci, Grant and Grace said...

Wahoo! That is so great! Love the picture! Can't wait to see what she is going to accomplish next!